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  Candidate Details
Position Sought :
Technical Officer
Age :
28 years     Experience : 5.5
Qualification :
B.E. ChemicalGovernment Engineering College, Gandhinagar 
Preferred Location :
Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar, Vadodara
Job Category :
Other Engineering
Expected Salary :
4.5 lacs pa.


Chemical engineer +5 years experience in polymer-petrochemical plant


Present 3 years and 9 months experience of operating through DCS using operation tools of YOKOGAWA-CS3000 (Blue Star).
Total 5 years and 5 months experience in petrochemical & polymers plant

Bhansali Engineering Polymers Limited.
Plot No: SP 138-143, Ambaji Industrial Area,
Abu Road, Dist: Sirohi, Rajasthan-307026.

It is an ISO 9001:2000 Petrochemical company(Sumitomo Technology-Japan) manufacturing different Grades of SAN-copolymer (Styrene Acrylonitrile) and ABS-Thermoplastic (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) by mass polymerization, having turn over of around 300 crores per annum. Its previous name was Rajasthan Polymers and resins Limited (RPRL) and Greaves Limited.

Designation : Technical Production Officer (DCS)
Unit : Production of SAN (Styrene Acrylonitrile- 100MT/ Day) and ABS
( Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene)
Duration : 9th July,2007 to till continue
DCS : Yokogawa (CS-3000)

Mass Polymerization of Styrene and Acrylonitrile(100 MT Per Day)
Devolatizer to separate unreacted monomers.
Vacuum system(water jet)
Pelletizer (Screen changer)
Cutter (Conair jetro)
Classifier (Vibrating sieves)
Roots Blower Pneumatic conveyor.
Pumps: Gear pump, Metering pump, Centrifugal pump
Hot OIL(High therm-500) for heating and cooling

Job Profile:
Operating plant through DCS.
Maintaining Data sheet and Quality Records.
Maintaining Product Recipe and standard operating procedure (SOP).
Successfully commissioning of the SAN plant.
Monitoring regular startup and shut down of the plant systematically
Monitoring routine process parameters, trouble shooting, process change over and plant modifications.
Production optimization and cost control over variance of raw materials, intermediates and products.
Handling of various unit processes, operations and different types of hazardous chemicals.
Work permit system for maintenance work under safety procedure
Following rules and regulations as per ISO laws, complaining with companys policy, about quality, Safety norms, environment and house keeping.
To utilize manpower in proper way to minimize overtime by scheduling.
SAP- (R/ 3)
1. Making reservation for raw material
2. Maintenance & break down notification to responsible Department.
3. Data sheet for process parameter & MMIP.
4. Create process order & PTM.
5. Production planning & raw material requirement & stock.

100% increment in current industry effect from 1st July 2009 (based on salary structure and performance)


1. Gujarat Carbon & Industries Limited.
Village-Dhanora, Dist. Baroda-Gujarat.

It is a Duncan-Goenka group company, production of Tertiary Butyl Alcohol.

Period: 26th June,2006 to 1st March,2007
Post: Officer (production).
Unit: Production of TBA (Tertiary Butyl Alcohol) 3000 MT per annum
Processes: Esterification, neutralization, Distillation etc.

Estrification through Iso-Butene and Sulphuric acid.
Neutralization of unreacted sulphuric acid through caustic
Distillation for production of TBA.
Recovery of unreacted butane, butane through distillation.
CSTR reactor, packed columns and Horizontal tube storage for liquidified gas system.

Job Responsibility:

Monitoring and supervision the plant
Monitoring routine process parameters, trouble shooting, process change over and plant modifications.

2. Gujarat State Fertilizers & Chemicals Limited
At. Post- Moti Khavdi, Dist. Jamnagar-Gujarat.

It is a Government Public Sector Unit, production of Di-Ammonium Phosphate and NPK mixture of fertilizer.

Period: 17th January,2005 to 17th January,2006
Post: Graduate Engineer Apprantice(GEA).
Unit: Production of Di-Ammonium Phosphate (DAP) & NPK mixture
Processes: Neutralization, Granulation, etc.

Production of DAP through neutralization of phosphoric acid and Ammonia.
Ammonia handling and storage system(vapor compression cycle)
Recovery of unreacted raw materials through venturi.

Job Responsibility:

Monitoring & supervision of plant
Calculation of Mass transfer and heat transfer balance
Monitoring routine process parameters, trouble shooting analysis, process change over of DAP to NPK or NPK to DAP.  
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