Resume - Design Electrical Engineer

(Keywords : Electrical Equipments/Material- Design, Procurements/Technical Specification & Detail engineering. (As per IS, IEC, NEC,)
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  Candidate Details
Position Sought :
Design Electrical Engineer
Age :
23 years     Experience : 2.3
Qualification :
B.E. (Electricals)DR. S. & S. S. Ghandhy College of Engineering & Technology, Surat 
Preferred Location :
All India, Delhi, Daman & Diu, Surat, Mumbai, Baroda
Job Category :
Electrical Engineering
Expected Salary :


Electrical Equipments/ Material- Design, Procurements/ Technical Specification & Detail engineering. (As per IS, IEC, NEC, Electrical Standards)
A. Development of Single line diagram (SLD) in AutoCAD 2012 & EPLAN 2.1.0 And considering developing and implementing all the type of protection systems and schemes. And as per equipment size and type selected as per and hazardous area classification.
B. Equipment sizing/ Calculation/ Selection (Like-Transformer, Motor, DG set, Capacitor Bank (Power factor correction unit), Cable, Battery and Battery Charger, HT & LT Switchboard ( Including all type of protection, etc. )
C. Cable rack/ trench layout(Cable routing), Substation equipment layout, Lighting and earthing layout, (Earthing Power, Control logics and schematic diagrams- interconnection diagram of Motor, transformer, incomer & outgoing feeders. )
Protective Scheme of Transformer, Generator, Incomer, Buscoupler etc. & Relay Co-ordination, voltage drop calculation, fault level analysis by ETAP 7.5.0.
E. Preparation of Technical specification and procurement activities for electrical items like(Motor, Transformer, UPS, Battery charger, PMCC(LV BOARD), HT BOARD (Protection relays and scheme), NER, DG SET, Capacitor -bank. ).
F. Preparation of tender documents (SOR/ BOQ) for site erection/ activities.
G. Panel Testing and Troubleshooting, maintenance work of PLC panel.
H. Site visit, handling clients, BOM, Site supervision, Panel Commissioning and Erection etc.