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(Keywords : Recruitment, policy making)
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Position Sought :
Generalist HR
Age :
46 years     Experience : 20.0
Qualification :
B.SCL.A.D College, Nagpur 
M.B.ADhanwate National College, Nagpur 
Preferred Location :
Delhi, Gurgaon
Job Category :
Expected Salary :
18-20 lacs per annum


PRESENTLY WORKING : Presently working as Senior Manager (HR Support) with effect from April 2010 till date with Educomp Solutions Ltd at Gurgaon
Job Profile :
Responsible for performing the responsibilities, modeling and maintaining technical competencies in areas
relating to HR functions associated with Business Development Sales team & associates ASG;
Dealing with operations, logistical expenses thereto for realignment of business processes;
Providing interface as regards policy matter formulation and implementation of administrative procedure thereof, HR Policy issues formulation and changes thereto from time to time, assessment of policy shifts in budgetary matters of Sales/ Business Development team & administrative Support team, Assessing budgetary support requirements and financial controls thereof
HR related matters, grievances relating to Full and final settlement, exit, asset management, procedural aspect thereof etc, provide support to operational managers in accessing and interpreting budget, work program, administrative reports relating thereto
Re-engineering to ensure better financial and work process controls for efficiency and operational impact
Interface relating to Induction modules, training programmes, interview etc, Setting up of KRAs, evaluation of KPIs etc, as applicable
Providing training and change management training relating to work processes
Maintainenance of MIS database relating to organizational needs on HR related parameters
provide inputs to top functionaries relating to budgetary internal controls, administrative procedures thereof, Administrative functions relating to recruitment, staffing etc, from time to time
Performance Appraisal, employee data analysis and deployment for better organizational synergy etc
Conferences etc and any other matter that may be assigned by COO, Director, President from time to time as applicable
Designation: worked as Manager (HR Support) with effect from 1 April 2009 till April 2010 in the same organization (supra)
Designation: worked as Assistant Manager (HR) from May 2008 to 31March 2009 & as Assistant Manager (Sales & Admn) from Dec 2006 to April 2008
Job Profile:
developing of marketing plans and territory allocation with target monitoring
Formulation of marketing report formats, roll out and analysis thereof on monthly/ quarterly frequency on functional parameters
Budget control of sales team expenses, processing, MIS analysis, Territory mapping and sales team manpower forecast, HR interface etc, KPI evaluation of sales team, incentive scheme formulation etc
Induction modules implementation, Recruitment strategies, career planning, Complete recruitment cycle & territory mapping, Training and development modules, performance assessment vis a vis targets, assessment of KRA etc., Grievance resolution and Counseling
HR Policy issues, Providing interface as regards policy matter formulation and implementation of administrative procedure thereof, Suggesting measures to improve performance vis a vis HR matters relating to Sales personnel administration (financial parameters etc. )
Monitoring of and maintenance of MIS database(development of parameters etc. ), analysis thereof as
inputs to top echelon for policy decisions inputs as regards sales targets/ achievements/ strategy shift
/ territory monitoring wrt to HR aspect
Operations administration related matters to BDMs/ Regional Heads of the sales department etc.; key account monitoring/ problem areas/ general administration etc thereof, matters pertaining to holding of Annual Conferences/ Quarterly Sales Conferences/ Road shows- Seminars etc and all matters associated therewith (setting of agenda, background material, monitoring/ control of logistics and expenses, vendor etc. as In-charge thereof ).
Monitoring and matters relating to various vendors, general administration, support development,
involvement in commercial negotiations etc.
Worked with Minex Metallurgical India Pvt. Ltd., Nagpur as Sales Co-ordinator - April 2006 till September 2006.
Job Profile: Managing MIS and implementation, Analysis of various sales/ purchase related reports, marketing reports, analysis of trends/ requirements on historical vis a vis current data generated, CRM etc., Sales administration and budget control
Work Experience: Worked With G-Three-M Technologies India Pvt. Ltd., Nagpur as Executive - March 2005 to March 2006
Job Profile: Providing interface between the director & various divisional heads i. e Production, Manufacturing, Finance, Marketing etc., MIS Monitoring t, purchase order - implementation of production planning schedule
Customer relationship management -, receivables, payables, Administration of other matters as assigned.