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(Keywords : TEMS , ATOLL, MAPINFO, MCOM,CT/CPT, Map Source,)
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  Candidate Details
Position Sought :
RF Engineer
Age :
25 years     Experience : 1.5
Qualification :
BE (Electronics) 
Preferred Location :
Job Category :
Expected Salary :
3.0 lacs pa


Present oganization: Electronics Company
Duration : October 2005 to till date
Present Project Name : BSNL Mega GSM Project, With
Nortal Networks
Previous Projects :

1. RF site Planning Survey and Drive testing & Optimization
For Airtel with Ericsson in Hydrabad.
2. RF site Planning Survey for Aircel with Ericsson in Chennai
3. RF site Planning Survey for Hutch in Utter Pradesh.

Job Profile as Drive test and Optimisation Engineer:

R. F. Optimisation of 300 Nortel sites and 160 Ericsson sites in Bihar
Frequency Planning and Handover Planning for the cell site.
R. F. Optimisation of cell sites.
Analysis of network KPI.
Cell parameter analysis like Call Analysis, Unlink/ Downlink Characteristic of BTS Site on the BSS software like Netconf, CT/ CPT.
Traffic analysis on Pro-optima a BSS data software obtained from OMCR
Optimization of Cell sites by comparing the drive test and CT/ CPT results
Analysis of drive test data in Map-info and MCOM
Review/ perform frequency planning and traffic analysis and make recommendations to meet ongoing capacity demands and to ensure the best quality of GSM networks
TCH and SDCCH Reconfiguration to minimize the TCH blocking and SDCCH blocking
Monitoring daily stats and optimizing the network to increase the Call Setup Success rate and Call success rate and Handover success rate.
Analysis of drive test reports
Remodeled the BTS parameters, channel configuration, antenna orientations and tilts.
Congestion relief from highly congested sites.
Attempting customer complaints.

Job Profile as RF Survey Engineer:

RF survey and BTS site selection for according nominal planning to new
network or additional sites in the existing network
Deciding the tower height of particular sites as per RF requirement and designing/ deciding the Antenna azimuths (Alpha, Beta, Gamma) for good coverage surrounding the site (Clusters).
Survey for In Building sites and select location for IBS. Coordination of R. F. site survey teams in Bihar.
Proper planning of movement of Survey team so as to complete the work within time frame
Preparation of site survey report
To attend meeting so as to provide progress report to customer
Final Selection of Suitable sites and Customer verification.
Have experience in managing team, collection of data and preparation of reports.

Previous Organization : Cell Plan Technology
Duration : June 2005 to September 2005
Designation : RF Engineer
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