Resume - Project Leader

(Keywords : C,C++,VC++,Image processing, OpenGL, GUI Development and Hardware Interface.)
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  Candidate Details
Position Sought :
Project Leader
Age :
24 years     Experience : 4.5
Qualification :
Diploma in Computer,Bsc(IT) 
Preferred Location :
Bangalore, Pune, USA, Ahmedabad, Vadodara
Job Category :
Software - Systems Programming
Expected Salary :
40,000 per month


Diamond Planner (Airwin):( Award winning Software)
Scanning Module - 3D Laser & Video Scanning of Rough Diamond through Serial Port.
Image Processing Module - Generating the 3D Image of Rough Diamond Using OpenGL API.
Programming. -Inserting the Diamond with Maximum Diameter & weight And Optimizing the Diamond.
Sawing Module - 3D Image of Diamond can be cut as per requirement.
Marking Module - Generating the Marking Line On Selected Option Laser Marking
Axis Control Module Controlling the Axis During Scanning & Marking Through Parallel Port.
Processing Modal Module Creating & saving the particular process sequences & run it to make the process fast.
Pointer Module Changing the dimensions of created diamond & rotate the diamond as wanted.
Report & Printing Module - Saving the Diff Allocated plans of Diamond Printing reports and different types of Label.
Library Module Saving different diamond parameter file creation. Development a different type of geometric of diamond shape. Like a HEART, PEAR, OVAL, MARQUESS, ROUND, D-shape, PRINCESS, TRILLIENT, HEXAGON, CUSION etc.
Export & Import Saving & retrieving the Required Details in to central backup serverThis Project is Still in Progress
LAN Messenger (Sahajanand Laser Tech)
Duration: (September 2006 - November 2006)
LAN Messenger is Chatting application with Custom feature like,
Client/ Server Connection, Show User List & User Information, Single/ Group Discussion, Message Acknowledge, Alarm and Scheduler, Reminder, Offline Messaging, Other web-links, Message History, Inbox, Outbox, User Status, Public/ Private Messaging, File Attachments, Voice Chat, SMS (use Active Expert Lib. )
Power Meter (Sahajanand Laser Tech)
LaserPowermeter is DLL for reading laser power from image analysis. This application calculate laser power form an image and display online. Also display beam diameter and deviation of beam from last position. You can see 3D beam profile in OpenGL for beam analysis.
Multi Gelvo Bruiting
It is developed to auto bruiting of around 9 diamond is at once. Which is used cut the only one layer of diamond and move next diamond this process are continue. Diamond cutting is done by Gelvo. This application Provide proper cooling time to diamond. Application displays online cutting information of all diamonds.
Download Utility
It is developed to automatic Download as a given link. Which does different user give. And store all information about download file. With PAUSE AND RESUME facility (Use LibCurl).
Export/ Import Database Management System
This Multi-User (through Network) application has been developed to keeping the record of Exports/ Import Information arrived at particular port. Generates all required information report & Keep Full track of each item.
Text Marking (Airwin)
Work Done:
Development a different type single line font.
Diamond Planner (Airwin) (Sahajanand Laser Tech)
Responsible for software testing, Plan, schedule and execute software testing projects while providing technical leadership, review Test Plans and Test Cases. Manage defect tracking, analysis and reporting Handle communication with clients and onsite coordinators. This software related diamond industries, which is airwin Software
Testing Method: Black Box, White Box test, automated testing
Special Achievements: AIRWIN DIAGNOSE has been awarded by Three National awards
1. For In-House R & D In Electronics & Laser 2003-2004
2. For Successful commercialization of Product For SSI Unit 2003-2004,
this two are from Department of Ministry & Science - INDIA
3. For the best software & Electronics Development 2003-2004, This is from Department of Information Technology INDIA
Projects Undertaken:
Worked as Hardware Trainee at Compusoft Vision Pvt. Ltd from January 2003 To April 2003
During Training I have done Installation, networking, troubleshooting, and assembling of computer system also done new installation of around 200 computers and system at Reliance Industries Ltd. And ONGC (Kalol). And server and network install in Apollo Hospital.
College Project:
Digital to analog convector
The project was based on microprocessor 8085, which is used to convert digital data to analog output