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(Keywords : Expertise in Auto-CAD could operate effectively with M.S Pffices tools namely word, Excel.)
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  Candidate Details
Position Sought :
Civil Engineer
Age :
27 years     Experience : 4.6
Qualification :
Diploma CivilTolani Foundation gadhidham Polytechinc, adipur 
Advance Diploma In Structure Designingbhailal bhai and bikha bhai institute, Vallabh vidyanagar 
Preferred Location :
Anand, Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar, Jamnagar, Rajkot
Job Category :
Civil Engineering & Construction
Expected Salary :
420000 per annual


Name of Company:- Reputed Company
Post: - Civil Engineer.
Over all Project Management work.
APRIL 2010 TO NOV 2010
Name of Company:-Maple panels private limited at Padana Village near Gandhidham Kutch.
Post:-Site Engineer (Civil)
Understanding the architectural design from the consulting Engineer and translating in terms of site Environment and guiding the construction workers accordingly
Dealing with vendors and suppliers for bargaining the cost and quantity of the ordered materials.
Site supervision of factory shed foundation, piling work for ware house, Building work, internal road work, boundary wall work, leveling work etc- all types of works related with this project.
Checking of bills submitted by the contractors.

MARCH 2008 TO MARCH 2010
Name of Consulting firm: - Srajan Consultant at Gandhidham.
Post:-Civil Engineer
Planning, Estimating, billing works Site supervision of building work.
I got large Experience in industrial work like factory shed foundation, Machine foundation, cable trench works, Bolting works, flooring work in sheds, Internal road works etc- all types of works related with civil Engineering.
Also I got large experience in land measurement work with the help of plane table survey.
JAN 2006 TO DEC 2006
Name of Institute: - Aga Khan Rural Support Programme India at Anjar.
Post:-Site Supervisor/ Trainee technical assistant.
Prepare Village action plan.
Site supervision work of water tank like underground water tank(sump), ground level water tank(Cistern), over head water tank(E. S. R), Check dam works, farm leveling work, leveling work for pipeline etc- all types of works related with water & sanitation management organization (WASMO) project