Resume - Software Engineer

(Keywords : C, C++, MySql, Qt Programming, Advanced Linux)
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  Candidate Details
Position Sought :
Software Engineer
Age :
23 years     Experience : 0.1
Qualification :
B.TechICFAI University, Dehradun 
Preferred Location :
Dehradun, Delhi, Greater Noida, Gurgaon, Noida
Job Category :
Software - Systems Programming
Expected Salary :


Professional summary

Software Development and Documentation Engineer with 1+ years of IT experience which includes Software Development on windows and Linux platform.


B. Tech (CSE) in 2010 with 6.29 CGPA

Skill set

Languages : C, C++ and Advanced LINUX programming, Shell

Operating System : LINUX/ UNIX, Windows.

Tools and Technologies : QT creator GUI programming Tool, Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0 and 8.0, Eclispe, HTML, MySQL, and Networking Wireshark.

Networks : Socket Programming using TCP and UDP.

Professional Experience
Working as Software Engineer with Symmetric Technologies, Bangalore from January 2012 to till date.
Currently working in Client Place i. e. Research Center Imarat (RCI), DRDO, Hyderabad.
Organizational Summary

Organization Period Designation
National Informatics Center, New Delhi
Center, New Delhi July 2010 to December 2010
Software Trainee
C-DAC, Bangalore
March 2011 to August 2011 Software Trainee
RCI, Hyderabad January 2012 to Till now Software Engineer

Training and Experience

System Software Development : Advanced C/ C++ programming, Advanced Operating System, Computer networking, Security Engineering, Windows Programming and Driver Development, Linux System programming and Driver Development, Parallel Programming, Software Process Management.

Virtual LAN and Simple, Client/ Server Architecture and DNS, Server Mail and Server routing

Project Summary

Project 1:

Project Name Linux Loopback Network Interface Driver
Nature of Work Design, Documentation and Coding
Client C-DAC, Bangalore
Project Description To recognize loopback devices in Linux platform. Accordingly, the working principle of Plug n Play for this we are creating a structure for handing interrupt and for registering a device in kernel space and we have used a loopback. C file. Compilation and installation of the loopback the driver.
Role Software Design and Coding
Tools and Technologies Open Suse, C, C++

Project 2:
Project Name Mobile Agent Security for SMS
Nature of Work Software Development
Client National Informatics Centre, New Delhi
Project Description Objective of this project is to send SMS over GPRS in encrypted form and receive it the decrypted form. Code designed and implemented in Java, J2ME. Development of the encryption and the decryption of the SMS protocol for security provision. We have used the Des algorithm for encryption.
Role Involved in project requirements gathering
Involved in project module coding
Involved in creating forms and database connections
Tools and Technologies Eclipse Helios, MySQL, PHP, XML

Project 3:

Project Name Mobile Agent Security for SMS
Nature of Work Software Development
Client The ICFAI University
Project Description To solve regression problem, we add slack variable to them and then we solve this problem by goal programming and try to find out the appropriate solution. When we get the solution, the slack variable is again put into the equations just cross check whether these solution satisfy these condition or not. If not, then we check solution for another slack variable, till find out appropriate solution.
Role Design & Documentation
Requirements Handling
Tools and Technologies C++, Dev C, Notepad++