Resume - Assistant Manager /Depty Manager

(Keywords : Analytical skills)
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  Candidate Details
Position Sought :
Assistant Manager /Depty Manager
Age :
28 years     Experience : 4.5
Qualification :
B.Com (H)Seth Anand Ram Jaipuria College, Kolkata 
Certificate " Lean Sigma" online course 
Preferred Location :
Kolkata, Delhi, Gurgaon
Job Category :
Expected Salary :
4 - 4.20 lacs pa


Since 2010 with Reputed Bank as an Assistant Manager

Key Responsibilities:

Business Banking Operations - CAM extension, CAM Renewal process, Customer service & Stock Statement.
Handling North India Post-disbursement CAM renewal process for the different facilities of bank like Fund Based facilities Cash-Credit, LAP, ODFD, ODAP, MEOD and for Non-fund based facilities like Bank Guarantee, LC, Post & Pre-shipment and DRULL etc.
Processing the renewal request (Interim/ Annual) after studying the CAM (Credit Approval Memo), GAS Approval, sanction letter, Limit Grid authorized by the Credit and Business Team from the the utility software called SHOCK & AWE plus.
Checking the Credit authorizer and Business authorizer authorizing limit as per the authorization limit set by the bank.
Fulfillment all documents which varies from segment to segment (Currently handling EEG, BBG, AGRI-KGC, ABC, CV, INFRA & HCF) extending the CAM expiry date of the facilities in core system in Finnware Host (For Fund based) and UBS (For Non-Fund based)
Maintaining various MIS for CAM Renewal updation.
Coordinating with RM and Local operation team for processing the cases.
Maintaining the MIS renewal fees to be charged from the customers account.
Data reconciliation with the data from the Central MIS team.
Preparing and presenting monthly review of the process through power point presentation.
Preparing and monthly MIS as per requirement of Central MIS team


Handling DVU (Document Verification Unit) document verification (KYC) of customers according to LAS check-list and check their SAS and CIBIL report and MIS for all exception in the customer files logged in for processing.

Resolving and closing CRM calls: i. e, customer complaints and queries for LAS customers.

Co-coordinating with the SM for exception clearance of the customer documents.

Cover letter issuance for lien marking of securities after verifying from the photocopy of the securities and MIS maintaining for the same.

Limit setting in the Finnware Host account for those customers whose Finnware account has opened and limit has generated into FAS account and related MIS maintained and publishing in the bulletin board.

Customers files sent for vaulting after the limit setting is done and obtaining NAX Barcode no. for each and every file and maintaining related MIS for keeping track.

Maturity collection of the matured securities (NSC/ KVP/ LIC policy) in behalf of the customers from the Post office and LIC offices.

Preparing and monthly MIS as per requirement of Central MIS team

Preparing Power Point presentation for monthly News letter for GOPS -CPU.

From 2008 to 2010 with IFCI FACTORS LIMITED as Processing Executive

Key Responsibilities:

Analyzing the background of the company, products and future potential of the company, key financial aspects, of the clients and the debtor and making a proposal for board for approval.

On the approval of the proposal verifying all the documents of the clients and debtors invoices and then factoring feeding the invoices in the software (HPD I- Factor) and currently in Trade Free software.

Handling Distributor Finance Programme (DFP) to set up a financing and collection arrangement for delivery chain for clients.

Providing Receivables Finance which can be structured with on a with Recourse basis (where it would be setting up lines with company) or on a without recourse basis.

Handling export documents on collection basis, export documents free of payment, release of GR on export bills realize

Preparing an Age Analysis and Industrial analysis report inform of a monthly MIS reports which contains no dues and over dues report of all domestic and international clients.

Periodically review the client account for the overdue and send overdue statement to each clients at the month end.

Submission of Returns to RBI and handling of reports i. e. R-Returns, XOS, BEF

Keep in touch with the clients regarding any discrepancies in document, payment details, collection of payment, discrepancies in report etc.

Follow up with treasury department for provision of funding for the day.

Handling client queries like payment advice, client limit, allocation, invoice overdue, debtor limits, month end discount, client funds in use, etc

Collections debtors aging and payments follow up for overdue accounts.