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(Keywords : Management skills,Customer service skills, communication skills, organising skills, typing skills,analytical skills)
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Position Sought :
Customer Service Executive
Age :
28 years     Experience : 5.5
Qualification :
Graduate Diploma in Business Administration from the University of Technology sydney, Australia 
Preferred Location :
Job Category :
Travel, Tourism & Hospitality



Seeking a challenging career in the field of Management/ HR, where I can contribute my skills and grow with the Organization and to utilize the technical, interpersonal and leadership skills in achieving the Organization goals.


1. Graduate Diploma in Business Administration from The University of Technology Sydney, Sydney, AUSTRALIA.

2. Bachelor of Commerce : (B. Com) from Badruka college of commerce and Arts,
Kachiguda, Hyderabad.
Recognised by Osmania University.

3. Board of Intermediate Education : (HSE) From Govt. junior boys college
Nirmal, (Dist): Adilabad, Andhra Pradesh.

4. School Secondary Education : (SSE) From Govt. High school, Bhainsa,
(Dist) Adilabad, Andhra Pradesh.


Diwakar Institute of leadership Training, Hyderabad: Attended a complete leadership course. During this course we were practically trained with all leadership skills, and also worked as a volunteer for two years in this institute.


As part of my studies i have studied organizations and I was successfully
Considered and applied the structural, human resource, political and cultural frame of analysis.
In Sydney, Australia.


I was in Sydney, AUSTRALIA from July 2000 till Jan 2006 during this period I worked in different organizations as below.

1. Organization : All India
Work Location : Sydney, Australia.
Duration : May 2002 ? Jan 2006
Position/ Role : Manager

Responsibilities: I was totally responsible for the running of the restaurant?s day to day activities, which included roistering & managing kitchen and wait staff, organize functions & banquet dinners, daily sales reports & accounts, ordering stock for kitchen, payments of salaries to staff, advertising and other restaurant activities. During this period I have trained a number of new staff, and I was also in charge of reporting, costing and pricing.

2. Organization : International Hotel Services (HIS)
Work Location : Sydney, Australia.
Duration : Dec2000 ? Nov2001
Position/ Role : Customer Service Executive

Responsibilities: During this period I worked in different five star hotels in the city to assist international customers.

3. Organizations : Indian Ocean, Banjara,
the Indian Joint, Abhi?s, Akhi?s etc.
Work Location : Sydney, Australia.
Duration : July2000 ? May2002
Position/ Role : Customer Service Executive

During this period I used to work with multiple restaurants as part time resource.

Responsibilities: Attending calls, Welcoming customers, making customers feel comfortable and happy as long as they are in the restaurant, finding customer needs and offering them immediately.

4. Organization : Global Pacific Marketing.
Work Location : Sydney, Australia.
Duration : 2005 (1 month)
Position/ Role : Sales Executive

Responsibilities: My job was to sell household products to door to door, the products were (plasma television, washing machine, computer, laptop, dryer and etc. ) and I have really enjoyed this job because I took it as challenge.


h Management skills:
I have 4 years of practical work experience as a Manager, and also I have done my studies
in Management.

h Communication skills:
I lived in Sydney for 5.5 years. During this period my job was to communicate with
all international customers.

h Presentation skills:
Class presentations was part of my studies in Sydney. And I have participated in
all presentations willingly and gained lot of self confidence and presentation skills.

h Analytical skills:
Graduate Diploma was totally practical, and we were asked to apply each concept we have learnt to the companies experiencing at present in this global market.
Ex. NASA, Launching a new product, where the trend is moving now, what the customer looks
for when he/ she buys a product, how to increase sales and maximize profits,
selling tactics, advertising & promotions etc.

h Typing Skills:
I have passed typing exam 60 words per minute.