Resume - Engineer Production/ Site/ Piping

(Keywords : Piping Fabrication & Erection)
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  Candidate Details
Position Sought :
Engineer Production/ Site/ Piping
Age :
29 years     Experience : 7.2
Qualification :
Diploma In Mechanical EngineeringCentral Polytechnic College, Trivandrum 
Part Time BE Mechanical EngineeringIndira Institute of Engineering&Technology, Chennai 
Preferred Location :
Delhi, Faridabad, Greater Noida, Gurgaon, Noida
Job Category :
Mechanical Engineering
Expected Salary :
30000 per month


Work Experience

1. Worked as a Site Engineer of SHILPY ENGINEERING PVT. LTD. New Panvel, Maharashtra, for their H. P. C. L. Mumbai Refinery site, in the field of Piping & fabrication from 10 May 2005 to 20 Jan 2006.
2. Worked as a Site Engineer of PENTA MARINE ENGINEERING,
Cochin, Kerala, for their Contract works at; Cochin Shipyard Ltd. Cochin-13 and Timblo Drydocks Pvt. Ltd. Xelvona, Goa; in the field of Piping fabrication and Erection from 10 May 2006 to 30 Nov 2012.

- Obtaining work permit.
- Checking up of safety measures were in proper manner in the work site as well as for the workers.
- Drawing study and explain it to the fabricator.
- Preparing the Bill Of Quantity (B. O. Q) of the materials required.
- Man power allocation.
- Check up the fit up and welding of joints.
- Making arrangements for Hydro testing and final inspection.
- Documentations.

Fabricated and Erected;

- 12 Inch Diameter Kerosene line in fuel refinery of 2.4 KM. in length.
- 6 Inch Diameter HSD line in fuel refinery of 800 Metre in length.
- 6 Inch Diameter Petrol line in fuel refinery of 1KM in length.
- 5 Inch Diameter Lube Oil line in lube refinery of 300 Metre in length.
- 4 Inch Diameter Diesel line in fuel refinery of 400 Metre in length.
- At Cochin Ship Yard Site, for Ship Nos. BY-82, BY-83, BY-84, BY-86, BY-89 (All PSVs) had done piping fabrication and erection.
- At Timblo Drydocks Pvt. Ltd. Xelvona, Goa, for Ship Nos. Y-130 (Bulk carrier), Y-133(PSV) had done piping fabrication and erection.

- Bilge Piping System.
- Ballast Piping System.
- Fuel oil cargo line.
- Fuel oil transfer line.
- Fresh water cargo system
- Drill water cargo system.
- Waste water line.
- Soil discharge line.
- Air vent piping system.
- Tank filling line.
- Sounding piping system.
- Main Engine exhaust piping system.
- Auxiliary Engine exhaust piping system.
- Emergency DG Exhaust piping system.
- External scupper.
- Internal scupper.
- Fuel manifolds.
- Cargo rails.
- Fire main piping system.
- External fire fighting piping system.
- Internal fire fighting piping system.
- Mud cargo & transfer line.
- Cement cargo & transfer line.
- Engine fuel supply lines.
- Lube oil supply line.
- Over board penetrations.

Diameter of pipe used : 25NB to 500NB.
No. of spools Fabricated and Erected : 1200 to 1500 spools in each Ships.  
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