Resume - Sr. Electrical Engineer

(Keywords : Electrical Preventive Maintenance, Spares Management, Project Handling, Manpower Management, AMC Team Handling,)
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Position Sought :
Sr. Electrical Engineer
Age :
24 years     Experience : 2.4
Qualification :
Electrical EngineeringNational Institute of Technology, Patna 
Preferred Location :
Okhla, Faridabad, Ahmedabad, Bharuch, Vadodara
Job Category :
Electrical Engineering
Expected Salary :
3.5-5 lacs pa


Electrical Maintenance Engineer Hindustan Zinc Ltd, Sindesar Khurd
Vedanta Resources

Electrical Maintenance
Planning and executing scheduled preventive maintenance of complete Electrical system in the plant.

Energy Management-
Daily energy report generation for distinguished areas in plant so as to keep energy consumption under projected target and also to provide a daily energy requirement to CPP.

SAP Basics
Online updating of PMI entries, material consumption records, service order entries, e. t. c.

Paste filling project
Erection, testing and commissioning of electrical system in plant to produce paste for re-filling in mines.

Improvement Projects
Electrical drawing modification of LRS for 1600KW and 500KW motors, inter connectivity of all multi function meters to produce energy reports of complete plant on a single computer, converting certain constant speed pumps into VFD pumps for better load adjustment and hence better efficiency.

Summer Trainee June 2009- Aug2009
BHEL, Haridwar

Manufacture of Turbo Generators Casting, design, manufacturing as well as winding of both rotor and stator for 500MW turbo generators. Training included all the processes from casting to final testing of generators.

Manufacture Of Turbines-
Design and manufacturing of large size steam and gas turbines, condensers and other auxiliaries.

SK MILL Project Aug 2010 March 2011
2 MTPA Pb-Zn Processing Plant
Plant Erection-
Erection of complete electrical system for 15MW plant which included two 30MVA Transformers, eight 2MVA Transformers, ten HT Motors, various local control centres, three MCC rooms with fourteen MCCs and three PMCCs and a GSS. HT section included panels from Areva/ Schneider while LT section has ABB panels.

It included complete testing for various electrical relays and circuit breakers. Relays installed were SPAJ, SPAM, ELR, MICOM P220, P120, P111, P632, UV and many more.

Successfully commissioned entire electrical system before expected time and without any accidents on site.

ICPSD Dec 2009-April 2010
(Intelligent Cabin Power Saving Device)
College Final Year Project

PIR (Pyroelectric Infra Red) sensor based device to detect the presence of human being present in a cabin so as to automatically control the ambience of that room.

Output of the sensor is used as per the programming in ATMEGA-16 micro-controller for switching operations of the electrical devices in that room.

Programming was done in C language and was then converted to hexadecimal for micro-controller.

Project also included remote controlling feature for electrical devices. Here DTMF (Dual Tone Multiple Frequency) technique was used to communicate between any remote analog telephone with a switching centre in the cabin.

Nominated for Star Performer in my first appraisal at Hindustan Zinc Ltd.
Participated and organised many paper presentations in esteemed educational institutions.
Core member of CORONA09 (Annual Technical cum Cultural Fest of NIT Patna) organising committee.
Knowledge of computer programming.