Resume - Senior Software Engg. or Software Engg.

(Keywords : JAVA, J2EE, UNIX, C/C++, Telecom domain)
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  Candidate Details
Position Sought :
Senior Software Engg. or Software Engg.
Age :
23 years     Experience : 1.5
Qualification :
BTech (IT) 
Preferred Location :
Northern India, NCR, Chandigarh, Delhi
Job Category :
Software - Client Server


SoftEngg. / B. Tech. -I. T. work ex of 16 monthsTelecom & Networking domain Expertise in code development using programming languages on Windows & Unix platforms: C, C++, Core JAVA, Swings, J2EE Web Technologies (JSP, Servlets), Python Prog Lang:C/ C++, Core JAVA, Swings, J2EE Web Technologies JSP, Servlets, Python, SQL, HTML, ANT, XML, JSF AJAX Scripting Languages Shell Scripting, Perl Scripting, Java Scripts Application Server Web Container:JBoss 4.0.1, Tomcat 5.5.20
IDE Eclipse 3.2, NetBeans 5.5, Microsoft Visual Studio.NET 2003.
Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows(9x, ME, NT 4.0, XP,2000 Advanced Server,2003 Server, Vista, Longhorn Server Beta 3, Linux (Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Red Hat Advanced Server 4, Suse 9), UNIX (AIX, HP-UX, Sun Solaris Intel, Sparc Databases Oracle 9i, MS SQL Server 2000/ 2005
Version Control Bug Tracking CM Synergy, All Fusion Harvest(CA), STAR TRACK (CA), Bugzilla Desktop Virtualization: VmWare 5.5/ 6.0, Microsoft Virtual PC 2007.
Microsoft Visio 2007 professional, IBM Rational Rose Enterprise Putty, FSecure, SmartFTP, CuteFTP, DependencyWalker, VNC Viewer, Xmanager, WinMerge, Filemon, Regmon, tcpView, ProcessExplorer, ISOBuster, ethereal, Pure Coverage (Profiling), Norton Ghost. IPV6 steering Committee- IPv6 lab with ipv6 enabled DNS DHCP & testing client server code in diff environments CA Common Services are a set of Reusable Bedrock Components consumed by a no. of products such as NSM (Unicenter Network & Systems Management), Autosys. Components consist of event management services, reusable GUI framework, Agent Technology components & Communication Layer Framework which form the underlying architecture for a no. of products. Provide integration points across disciplines such as Eventing, Visualization, Policy, Systems Management. out-of-the-box integration with third-party management products, such as Microsoft Operations Manager, Cisco Works & certified partner solutionsImplementation of Event Agent, Event Manager, Security component of NSM build automation for all Linux & UNIX Platforms preparing RPM, PIF packages installer dialogs of NSM on Linux & UNIX. Enhancements Bug Fixing of Management Command Center (MCC) (Desktop UI), Unicenter Browser Interface (UBI) (Web Based UI), Enterprise Management Component of NSM.
designing Finalizing Requirements for IPv6 Related changes to MCC & UBI & also for implementing the Above Changesreverse-engineering several other CCS components fixing bugsResponsible for Enhancements & Bug Fixing of 2DMap component.2DMap is an ActiveX control used for visualizing the network & its properties as a 2 Dimensional Map.
VRepair is a trouble management system for the entire Verizon footprint. Its an application which is used by a large no. of users across Call Centers in the US. Its an intelligent application which can group Network troubles (Traditional telephone Line, DSL, VOIP) based on different criteria such as trouble type, cause etc. It provides access to complex line record data for all types of lines such as copper, DSL, Optical Fiber lines has interfaces to highly complex surveillance systems such as INMS & dispatch, remedy systems such as WFA/ DO, WFA/ DI, WFA/ C and IPNOC.
Responsible for the Alert Server part of Notification Engine (implemented using C++ & embedded SQL). The Alert Server continuously polls a database table and when a match is found, the server sends the client a message (in the form of a config. file) and the client reads the config file and makes the relevant entries into a new database table. Responsible for enhancing five change controls in the VRepair Core Application namely, Auto Dialer, Multi Room Digital Video Recorder(MRDVR), Multi dwelling unit-optical network terminal(MDU-ONT), Gige (Gigabit Ethernet), and Voice Wing The project consists of a Braille type keyboard which is implemented using an 8051 microcontroller based PCB circuit used as an input device and a topic based search engine which produces intelligent search results as speech. The search engine consists of a simple web crawler implemented in Python 2.4. The crawler indexes pages and saves their addresses in a MySQL database (conforms to a new generation of applications built on the LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP Perl Python). Ranking of the results (Page Rank Algorithm) Knowledge representation is done in Prolog. When the results are found to be insufficient, an Intelligent Answer engine. Search engine will deliver all the search results as files which will then be converted to speech using the Festival Speech Synthesis System open source Eng lang text to speech converter