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Position Sought :
Sales admin
Age :
31 years     Experience : 6.5
Qualification :
office managmant depolam one year 
Preferred Location :
NCR, Delhi
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Objective : Maintain high level of motivation & develop good relationship.

Experience : 7 year as a sales administration

3 year in Pharmaceutical Company

1. Presently I am working in a pharmaceutical company as a Asstt. Manager Sale Admin since July 2004. Our company is fastest growing company in industry (as ORG IMS), we have 200 Sales persons in all north India (DELHI, U. P., Uttranchal, Bihar, Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, Himachal Pradash, J & K)

My job responsibility is :

a. Expenses of Field person:

1. Follow up expense statement of all field force, send letter accordingly..
2. Verify all the expense statement of field force (MR/ AM/ RM) with his tour programme, his daily/ weekly reports and Standard Fare Chart.
3. Send individually letter of any deduction & passed amount of his Expense statement.
4. Filing and updating of expense record in MS-Excel sheet
5. Timely submit the report to Account department.

b. Prepared Sales DATA

1. Maintaining primary/ secondary/ collection/ outstanding sales data of field person
2. Analyzing of data and inform to sales head accordingly
3. Follow up overdue outstanding and inform to seniors
4. Follow up the up/ down fall of sale
5. Check and verity Free issue supply through stockist to doctor/ nursing home
6. Follow up the slandered fare chart of every field person and update in computer.

c. Reporting software
1. Fully control the reporting software
2. Analysing the output of software data
3. Follow up the working or not working in software by Field person
4. Accuracy of data and follow up

d. Prepared MIS Report

1. Prepare various type of MIS reports, graphs, pie graphs and others as per data.
2. MIS report of primary sale v/ s secondary sale month wise.
3. MIS report of collection V/ S outstanding
4. MIS report of doctor calls/ missed calls/ interior visit
5. MIS report of month doctor call average/ chemist call average/ working with managers.
6. For any major discrepancy in inform to GM SALES directly..
7. For any clarification, field person can be discussing directly to me.
8. MIS report total expenses(salary/ field expense) vs sales

1.4 year experience as a Commercial Assistant in Dabur Pharma Ltd. From Jan 2000 to July2004. Dabur Pharma is Rs.200cr. group. In Dabur Pharma I was doing all job of a sales admin department for U. P. Team.

My Job Responsibility was:


1. Managed sales data (target Vs achievement) of 30 Sales officer,8 Area Sales Manager & 2 Regional Manager of WUP & UTTRANCHAL.
2. Maintained Secondary sales data dealer wise, month wise, & product wise.
3. Prepared entire quarterly incentive/ Special incentive as per company circulars.
4. Checking & verifying expense statement and other promotional expenses before sending to head office.
5. Dispatched all circulars of Head office, Regional office, Zonal office.
6. Address quarries of field staff related to H. O, CFA, Zonal office & Regional office.
7. Organized quarterly briefing meeting/ new product launch meeting/ and any conference of doctors.


1. Good Knowledge of our company's payment system, goods transaction, claim verification & other strategies.
2. Receiving & dispatching mail/ letter/ circular to field force & dealers.
3. Sending all primary sales data/ secondary sales data/ outstanding position/ dealer credit note/ debit note/ breakage expiry claims & others.


1. Co-ordination with CFA & 120dealers.
2. Attending telephonic quarry of dealers related to product shortage/ excess goods without order/ cheque bouncing/ breakage & expiry of dealer/ CN/ DN/ order collection.


1. Handling two CFA (GHAZIABAD & DEHRADUN).
2. Keeping a close follow up of outstanding.
3. Keeping a close follow up of stock position/ orders of dealer.
4. Keeping a close follow up of receipts from ware house samples/ inputs and ensure timely/ accurate dispatch to field force.


1. MS-OFFICE, Internet


M. Sc (Maths) from C. C. S. Univ., Meerut (51%) in 1997
B. Sc. (Maths, Phy., Chem. ) from C. C. S. Univ., Meerut(56%) in 1994
One year diploma in computer application from NCTI, New Delhi in 1996.
One year Computer Diploma in Office Management from IGNOU, New Delhi in 1998.