Resume - Electronics (embedded) Engineer

(Keywords : Embedded hardware design, digital electronics, 8051, AVR, PIC, UART, SPI, Ethernet, IIC)
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  Candidate Details
Position Sought :
Electronics (embedded) Engineer
Age :
24 years     Experience : 1.0
Qualification :
B.E.P.E.S. College of Engineering, Aurangabad 
M.E.Government College of Engineering, Aurangabad 
Preferred Location :
Delhi, Secunderabad, Bangalore, Aurangabad, Pune
Job Category :


Want to work in an environment where I can learn and apply my learning in Electronics field.
Experience (1 year)
Design Engineer (Embedded systems) at IARE Technologies, Aurangabad from June 2009 to June 2010
Dissertation work on design and development of Ethernet based industrial control system
Academic Qualification
Achieved Masters degree in Electronics Engineering from Government College of Engineering, Aurangabad in June 2012 with CGPA 8.979 on 10 point scale.

Technical Skills
Comprehensive knowledge of Embedded hardware designing using 8051 microcontroller family
Hands on experience in debugging circuit issues and in developing designs for controller based systems
Programming of micro-controllers using IDEs like Keil, AVR Studio, MPLAB
Programming languages: Assembly language, embedded C, C++, HTML
Communication protocols: Ethernet, SPI, I2C, UART, RS232, RS485
PCB design, simulation and development with Proteus ISIS and ARES

Project work
1. Project Title : Internet enabled digital I/ O, industrial monitoring and control system
Description : A compact system which is used to monitor and control various industrial analog and
digital I/ O signals (like the input signals coming from various sensors deployed on the field and the output signals used to control the relays) through internet browser. Microchips Ethernet controller ENC28J60 is used at 25 MHz frequency for handling Ethernet protocol and AVR Atmega328p is used at 4 MHz as the host controller.
Role : Concept, system design and development, PCB layout designing, construction,
programming and testing
Technologies : Ethernet, SPI, AVR Atmega-328, ENC 28J60, TCP/ IP

Result : Desired I/ O signals were monitored and controlled through internet browser by accessing
the system using IP address. Project work completed as the M. E. Dissertation.
2. Project Title : PIC micro-controller programmer and development board
Description : The board can be used to program PIC16 as well as PIC18 micro-controller family.
Evaluation can be done using the development board with several peripherals. The
system tested with peripherals like 4X4 matrix keyboard, LCD display and dc motors.
Role : System development, PCB design, assembly, programming and testing
Technologies : ICSP, USART, I2C, Timers,10 bit A/ D converter
Result : Programming circuit worked properly and various applications were developed.

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3. Project Title : Micro-controller (89S51) programmer and development board
Description : Using this board, & #61549; C 89S51 can be programmed using ISP (In system programmer) and
interfaced with devices like ADC, DAC, LCD, keyboard, Relay, stepper motors.
Role : Circuit design & development, PCB design, assembly, programming and testing
Technologies : Atmel 89S51, RS232, RTC, peripheral interfacing
Result : Programming circuit worked correctly and various applications were developed.
4. Project Title : Home protector (with electric shock prevention)
Description : A multifunctional system, made to protect human beings as well as home appliances
from electrical hazards like electric shock, short circuits, damage due to over/ under
voltage and overload.
Role : Concept, system development, circuit optimization, system performance analysis
Technologies : LM324 comparator, Earth leakage detection, Logic gate ICs
Result : All the functions carried out appropriately by the system during testing and application.
5. Project Title : Automatic streetlight switch
Description : An electronic switch which turns the light ON or OFF according to the natural light
intensity present in the surroundings, thus avoids unnecessary wastage of the energy.
Role : Circuit design, development, assembly and testing
Result : Circuit worked with excellent precision.
6. Project Title : Mosquito repelling system
Description : An ultrasonic frequency generator which keeps mosquitoes away.
Role : Circuit design, development, assembly and testing