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  Candidate Details
Position Sought :
System Administrator
Age :
30 years     Experience : 10.0
Qualification :
12TH (62%) 
Preferred Location :
NCR, Delhi, Gurgaon
Job Category :
System Administration/DBA
Expected Salary :


Professional Skills:-
Provided technical support for hardware/ software configurations and applications.
Administered and supported local/ LAN printers,
Administered/ provided troubleshooting MS Outlook.
Provided connectivity (LAN, Internet) troubleshooting and support for approximately 200 users
Solely responsible for all IT decision making, support and administration at a site
I have implemented small to medium-sized LAN using Layer 1,2 devices like
Hubs and Switches. Designed and installed comprehensive LAN cabling solutions
Assembling of P. C. Installation, Hardware Troubleshooting.
Installation of all type of Software, Applications, CCTV Camera & DVR Configuration
All type of Desk Jet, LaserJet, Dot matrix, Printers Installation
Knowledge in different type OS & applications & Video Conferencing Systems.
Dos, Win95/ 98/ ME/ XP/ NT/ 2000/ win2003, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 & Win 8.1
MS-office, File Maker Pro 4.0,5.0 & 6.0, Adobe Photoshop; Corel Draw, Adobe illustrator
Knowledge of managing LAN and different type of network sharable devices.
Configuring Mail server & Data center server (SQL Server)
Knowledge of Active directory, DNS, DHCP, RIS, Exchange server
Knowledge of Linux mail server, Configuring Router and V LAN, Switching, Sub netting
Responsible for complete backup and restoral of organizational systems to the most recent information
Good understanding of static routing, SQL databases and VMware
Administering & designing LANs, WANs internet/ intranet,
Network connectivity troubleshooting, ping, tracert, telnet.
Investigating, diagnosing and resolve all network problems.
Installation & implementation of workstation, Desktop, Thin client
Fileserver (Assign and restrict access to user for files in file server
Maintenance of PC, Laptop connected to 2003 server through switches on TCP/ IP network
Update system as soon as new version of OS and application software comes out
Implement the policies for the use of the computer system and network