Resume - Oracle dba

(Keywords : Skill - Oracle, Developer 2000, Forms, Reports, PL/SQL, SQL*Loader,MS-Access)
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  Candidate Details
Position Sought :
Oracle dba
Age :
35 years     Experience : 10.1
Qualification :
btech computer science 
Preferred Location :
NCR, Noida, Delhi
Job Category :
System Administration/DBA


Career Profile
-Experience in Oracle Database Administration. -Experience in Oracle 9i, Install and Hot/ Cold Backup, Logical Backup and Recovery/ Restore using RMAN. -Analyzing Business requirements and designing the application. Developing the Application Interface using Developer 2000(4.5/ 5.0/ 6.0/ 6i).
-Experience in complete software lifecycle including requirement gathering, design, construction, testing and implementation phase. - Providing user support as needed.
Current Employment :Executive Officer, IT Company, Lucknow (U. P. ), India -226 001,
Since 21st June 1995.
Worked in State Water & Sanitation Mission, Lucknow on deputation since 12th April 2002 to 2nd April 2004.
Technical Skills:
RDBMS:Oracle 7. x,8/ 8i/ 9i, MS-Access
Oracle technologies:PL/ SQL, OEM, RMAN and EXP/ IMP, Oracle D2K, Reports
Operating system:Windows NT 4.0 Server/ Workstation, Win 3.1/ 95/ 98/ 2000/ XP Languages:C, Pro*C, SQL
Tools:Ms Office 97/ 2000/ xp, SQL *Loader, TOAD
Training:Oracle 9i DBA training from Path InfoTech Pvt. Ltd. Delhi.
Project #1(Jalnidhi)
Worked as a Team Leader/ DBA at SWAJAL (World Bank Project), Lucknow From 12th April 2002 - 2nd April 2004.
Client : Water & Sanitation Mission, Lucknow
Environment : Win NT, PL/ SQL, Oracle 9i Server, Forms 6.0
-Resource and Task allocation (Hardware/ Software/ Manpower)
-Setup the Technical Environment, Team and Processes
-Effort estimation at various stages of the project
-Project planning and tracking
-Customer handling
-Setting up proper Configuration Management environment
-Senior Management reporting
-Requirement gathering and SRS preparation
-Prepare and Review Test Plans
-Installation of Oracle9i server
-Creation of Development database, Sizing the SGA and Creation of Tablespace
-Performing Backup/ Recovery procedure for Oracle Database including Hot and Cold Backup
-Performing Logical Backup (Full, User, Table)
-Configuration of Oracle Enterprise Manager and client machine for Oracle
-Creation of database triggers, and functions, Monitoring the Database (Space, Memory) using Oracle Enterprise Manager and maintenance of archive redo log files.
-Adding the required User Logins, Groups and Users
-Granting and Revoking Permission to/ from the users
-Setting storage and usage parameters for database objects
Project #2
Client : Department of Registration and Stamps, Lucknow
Environment: Win NT 4.0, CDAC-s Scanning and Archival Software, Back up software with disaster recovery module, ISM Office, Microsoft SQL Server version 7.0, Back Office Server version 4.5
Duration: March- 2000- March-2002
-Resource and Task allocation (Hardware/ Software/ Manpower)
-Project planning and tracking
-Setting up proper Configuration Management environment
-Effort estimation for Change Requests
-Requirement gathering and SRS preparation
-Customer handling
-Prepare and Review Test Plans-Review Test Cases
Description :This project is intended towards the computerization of the Registration Process of the Department of Registration (U. P. ).
Project #3
Client : Computer Consultancy Division, Uptron India Ltd, Lucknow.
Project Name: MIS of Computer Consultancy Division for Literacy Program of Secondary Education Department
Environment: Oracle8 on Windows 98, and Developer 2000
Duration: July- 1998-July-1999
Role : Software Engineer (Design, Coding)/ DBA
Description : This software is designed to automate the following activities of the Computer Literacy Program of Secondary Education Department:
Project #4
Client : Uplease, Lucknow. Project Name : SOFTLEASE
Environment: Win 95, Oracle 7.1, Sql*Forms4.5, sql*Reports (Ver 2.5). Duration : Feb- 97-June-98
Description: This software is to maintain and automate the activities of leasing company regarding fixed deposits, hire and purchase, leasing and financial accounting.
It consists of four modules:
-Fixed Deposit Module- Hire/ Purchase Module
-Leasing Module FAS (Financial Accounting System)
Following are the prime features of the system:
-Maintenance of information of Fixed Deposits.
-Maintenance of HP information.
-Maintenance of leasing information.
-Bookkeeping of all financial transactions.
-PDC information maintenance. -Various MIS reports.
Responsibilities :
-Development - Unit and Integration Testing
Project #5
Client : Uptron India Ltd.
Project Name : Hospital Management system (CHIKITSA)
Environment : Win 95, Oracle 7.1, Sql*Forms4.5, sql*Reports (Ver 2.5). Duration : Mar ' 96 -Feb ' 97
-Development and testing of Store Management module
Description : This is a generalized package meant for automation of hospitals.
E D P work:
Project Name : Photo Identity Card Operation
Environment : Windows for Workgroups, Btrieve, Microsoft VB, and NewGenSoft.
Duration: June ' 95 - Feb ' 96 Role : EDP Manager