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  Candidate Details
Position Sought :
Maintenance Engineer
Age :
34 years     Experience : 12.4
Qualification :
Preferred Location :
All India, Noida, Bangalore, Kochi/Cochin, Chennai
Job Category :
Expected Salary :
40000 to 45000 per month


A well-educated Maintenance Engineer/ Service Engineer with 12+ years of first-hand experience in Maintenance Operations, Software Verification and MFR Minimization. An expert in analyzing existing operations and implementing effective strategies and processes to perk up organizational performance. Possesses impeccable skills in the field of New Product Introduction and Line Verification and can successfully achieve and exceed the objectives. An energetic and competitive achiever with unmatched mastery in Test Code Debugging as well as RF Tuning and Path Tracing.
Manpower Coordination
Good Interpersonal Skills
Software Verification
Project Management
Specialized Technical Skills
MFR Minimization
Maintenance Operation
New Product Introduction
Line Verification
Excellent Analytical & Problem Solving Skills
Test Code Debugging
RF Tuning
Path Tracing
Failure Identification & Analysis

I am a competent Maintenance Engneer/ Service Engineer with more than 12 years of experience in the Management and Service Engineering Field. I have an exceptional background in supervision of Factory Maintenance (SMT Board Testing & Troubleshooting Departments) as well as Program & Operations Management. My software proficiency includes all the Microsoft Office products and I have acquired huge reputation as an expert in Manpower Coordination and Project Management. My Good Interpersonal Skills as well as Specialized Technical Skills are essential add-ons to my technical expertise and my Excellent Analytical & Problem Solving Skills make me reliable in the domain of Failure Identification & Analysis.
1. NOKIA INDIA PVT. LTD., CHENNAI Sep 2007 till Date

Designation: Associate Engineer

Department: Maintenance (Testing)

Job Responsibilities:
Lead the team for Maintenance Operation
Supervise 90 personnel (one shift) in two specialties
Handle Installation & Networking of SMD Production and Line Board Testing Area
Manage ATE (automated test equipment), Virtual Instrumentation (NI PXI and DAQ systems and Lab View and NI Test Stand)
Development and modification of Test Jigs and Test Fixtures
Line Setup for New Product Introduction and (NPI) and Line Verification (LV)
Diagnostics of Test-setup, Verification of Software and Test Code Debugging
Base Station, SIGGEN and Spectrum Analyzer calibration and call testing
RF Tuning & Path Tracing
Failure Identification & Analysis

Department: Installation & Continuous Improvement

Job Responsibilities:
Co-ordination of manpower to facilitate process and/ or engineering changes with senior area leader and other area leaders
Undergo Corrective Action by analyzing botched Parts in testers
Apply counseling and progressive discipline where required
Kaizen implementation in product line to improve the Manufacturing failure rate (MFR)
Prepare reports of failure categories
Report to the manager regularly about work progress
Implementation of Three Nokia 7 projects.
Lead and coordinate all specialty phone manufacturing activities and programs, including implementation of new assembly line and re-engineered inventory control system
Develop, promote and achieve a positive and productive team atmosphere within the maintenance group while working closely with QA, Production, Engineering and Tooling departments to establish common priorities, objectives and goals
Co-ordinate and develop shutdown plans with area leaders and support groups Devised and implemented preventive maintenance program to reduce down time
Organize and conduct meetings relating to company policy and procedures
Responsible for new technology and new process implementation in Board Testing area
Undergoing corrective action by analyzing failed parts in testers
Apply counseling and progressive discipline where required
Promote and implement continuous improvement initiatives
Minimizing MFR (Manufacturing Failure Rate), FFR (Field Failure Rate)
Kaizen implementation in product line to improve the manufacturing failure rate (MFR)
Maintaining Smart 5S in working areas
Knowledge of SOP (Extended supply Operations)

Installation & Improvement Activities:
Production Line alignment : Line Installation
NPI & Project Management : Install, configure and manage hardwares.
Testing and calibration of equipment : Gauge R & R
Operating and handling of various type of instruments like oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers, signal generators, multi meters, power supplies, PXI, DAQ, RF switches and power sensors
Building, Repair & Maintenance of Test Jigs and Test Fixtures
Flashing and testing of engines
Undertaking corrective action by analyzing failed parts in testers
Taking Preventive Action by finding the root cause of the problem
Repairing of failed boards and to prepare diagnosis report 
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