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(Keywords : C,c++,winrunner,test director,manual testing white box & black box testing,asp,html,vhdl,matlab)
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  Candidate Details
Position Sought :
Age :
22 years     Experience : 0.0
Qualification :
Preferred Location :
Mumbai, Pune, Jaipur
Job Category :
Software Testing



Career Objective: -

A Challenging career in your reputed concern which offers an opportunity in learning continuously, shouldering responsibility and be a part of your Engineering Team in achieving organizational objectives.

Educational Qualifications: -

- B. E. (ELECTRONICS ENGINNERING) from a premium A class engineering college of Maharashtra, M. I. E. T College, Gondia (Nagpur Uni. ) in the year summer-2004 with 68.86% marks in the final year.

- Class 12 th from D. B. Science College, Gondia (MS Board, Nagpur) in the year 2000 with 67.17% marks.

- Class 10 th from R. N. T. H School, Gondia (MS Board, Nagpur) in the year 1998 with 60.26% marks.

Computer Skills: -

Languages: C, C++, VHDL, Matlab 5.3 professional.
Operating Systems: MS Windows, MS DOS.
Packages: MS Office.
Testing : Winrunner, Test Director, Manual Testing, Black Box & White Box.
Technologies: HTML, ASP.

Experience Summary: -

- Fifteen days of training in BHEL, Bhopal.

- Fifteen days of training in BSNL, Gondia.
Project: -


Front end: C Back end: MS Excel
Successfully developed software for compressing various kinds of files such as wav, mpg, dat, jpg etc. The programming was done in C because of its flexibility, versatility and vast applicability. Infact, more than 90% of the UNIX operating systems have been written in C.
The algorithm used in this software is wavelet transform. Wavelet transform is a mathematical transform, similar to Fourier transform, which has a special ability. Its coefficients contain information about both the domains i. e. time and frequency simultaneously. This makes it useful for certain applications, like ECG (Electro Cardio Graphy) where the hearts electrical signals are measured by comparing the standard healthy signals and the signals obtained during diagnosis. Any deviation indicates some malfunctioning of the heart.
ECG can either be plotted on time, or in frequency domain. But by using wavelet transform, the same can be plotted simultaneously using both time and frequency domain. This makes diagnosis speedier and accurate.

Seminar (Paper Presentation): -

Presented a seminar on IMAGE PROCESSING
Image processing has a vital role in data processing. Digital image processing is a field with continual growing application in science and engineering. Advancement in image processing technique has the potential of developing the ultimate machine, which could possibly perform all the visual functions that all living beings are capable of.

Mini Project: -


Successfully developed a buzzer, which gets triggered by sensing heat. This device is very useful for detecting fire etc. in any building/ establishment. The buzzer works using principle of transistor.

Extra curricular activities: -

- Under the banner of EEA (Electronics Engineers Association) organized and participated in various cultural activities at various functions of the college.

- Participated in kavi-sammelens at college level.

- Took NCC training for two years.

Personal Details: -

Date of birth: - 12 Dec 1982
Nationality: - Indian.
Languages: - English, Hindi and Marathi.
Height: - 182 cms.

Reference: -

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