Resume - VSAT Engineer/Coordinator with 2.5 year exp.

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  Candidate Details
Position Sought :
VSAT Engineer/Coordinator with 2.5 year exp.
Age :
31 years     Experience : 2.5
Qualification :
Diploma in Electronics from board of technical education 
Preferred Location :
Raipur, Dehradun, Kanpur, Lucknow, Jaipur
Job Category :
Expected Salary :
2 lacs per annum



Carrier Objective:
To embark on a carrier which will enable me to exploit my professional educational and functional talents in best possible way and to achieve result, I will give me professional satisfaction and carrier growth, so that I can work for the best of the company.
Professional Qualifications:-
Diploma in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Board Of Technical Education(U. P)
Experience Summary:
Since May 2006 working as Full Time Engineer, with leading VSAT Company. Specialize in all technologies like PAMA, DAMA, TDMA, & BIT.
Working as an Engineer Based at Uttar Pradesh/ Rajsthan, J & K and handle all the Communication Services in Uttrapradesh/ Rajasthan and Uttrakhand the motive is the customer satisfaction.

My job having the following Responsibilities:
Working as a Coordinator/ Engineer in Rajasthan region.
Doing various diagnostic tests at the user/ customer sites for running the various types of services including Internet traffic.
Coordination from the remote site with the HUB engineers at Bharti Airtel Ltd. Bangalore/ BSNL HUB Bangalore also.
Site survey and site preparation
Doing various diagnostic tests like Corrective and/ Preventive maintenance at the user/ customer sites for running the various types of services including internet traffic
Installing & Commissioning of VSAT.
Visited almost whole north India for trouble shooting purpose.
Completed a Satellite Migration project of National Informatics Center of India 2007-2008 in J & K & Successfully handled Pouncing Panther Project for Army.

Equipments Handled:

VSAT Hardware:
Via Sat chassis IF/ RF, Sky Blaster-360 E, Linkstar, Sky Edge, SSA series, Agilis RFT, Radyne modem, Trandberg Encoder and decoder, Agilis Multi transponder Controller, Agilis Multi Transponder switching unit, Agilis L-band converter (128 series) Amplus ODU 5 Watt,10 Watt, Faraway Satellite telephonic Modem, Linkway modem, Multi Channel Voice logger Codan SSPA RFT.
Equipment Used:
Gilat modem
Sky Star Advantage Modem
Scientific Atlanta chassis
DCU (Data Channel Unit)
VCU (Voice Channel Unit)
HSDCU (High Speed Data Channel Unit)
RF Handler
Link Star Modem
SkyEdge IP Modem
Ipstar Modem
Codan UDC
Redyne Modem
Antenna Installed:
Comsat (1.2m,1.8m)
Amp (1.8m,1.2m,2.4m,3.8m)
Prodelin (1.2m,1.8m,2.4m)
Channel master (1.2m,1.8m)

RF Link Hardware:

REDwin Modem, Mrotech FCD Converter, Router

Software Skills:
Sky Blaster-360 E, SSA series, Agilis, PMT GUI based and PMT 7.5.1., UAT 1.3, IUAT 1.10

Area of Interest: Satellite communication, Analog & Digital Electronics, Optical & Mobile Communication.
Other Information:
IT Exposure: Knowledge of MS-Office, DOS, and Internet.
Networking: Knowledge of LAN, Hub, Switches, UPS & Batteries
Hobbies: Listening Music, Reading Books, and Playing Cricket.
Language Known: Hindi, English
Strength: Optimistic attitude, good planning skills, creative, doesnt crack under pressure.
Personal Profile:

Date of Birth : 12th Jan 1978
Sex : Male
Marital Status : Unmarried
Nationality : Indian

The above statements are true to the best of my knowledge and belief.