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(Keywords : BPO operations, relationship management, business development, quality lean six sigma, training , quality assurance/ com)
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Position Sought :
Age :
32 years     Experience : 9.5
Qualification :
BCOMKRG College, Gwalioe 
MBASPCJIM Agra University, Agra 
Preferred Location :
Delhi, Gurgaon
Job Category :
ITES/BPO/Call Centre
Expected Salary :
9 - 12 lacs pa


Genpact LLC, Operations Manager with Pfizer AR ~ North America
From June'10 till date..

Transitioned and stabilized Wyeth Wave II Cash Application Process then ensured that SLA's are met month on month post migration from Accenture Chennai (Oct 2010) Currently handling the process with a span of 17 FTEs (1 Team Leader and 4 SME's). It's an Accounts Receivable's process with various sub processes, for various modes of payment like -- EFT, Lockbox, Wires, ACH, Credit Card and other Manual Adjustments. These payments are to be resolved and applied within one day TAT with greater than 99% Accuracy.
Key Accountabilities:

< Responsibility entails Process Productivity, MIS management, Transaction Analysis, Appraisals, Employee motivation and Transition.
< Analyze training need and provide required system and product training to increase productivity.
< Responsible for Quality Assurance and Service Delivery.
< Extensive Customer Interaction. SPOC for all activities (Finance, Training, Transition, Process).

Notable Credits:

< Successfully Transitioned Wyeth Wave II processes and helped the account to grow by 3 FTE. Also Received "Silver Award" by Global Operating Leader for stabilizing the toughest transition in Q1 2011.
< SLA met 100% post transition/ NPS 10/ 10.
< Hired/ trained/ up skilled and managed the Team.
< BPMS Project Completed/ VSM and process improvement plans initiated.
< Played a key role in implementation of effective process controls and Audits to ensure timely and accurate payment processing. Attachments in SAP introduced for all backup documents.
< Ensured all process documentation and work instruction completed as per the specified timeliness as per the transition and project team. Web Ex version of SOP's introduced.
< Dashboards Designed as per business requirement.
< SLA's designed and defined post doing in-depth analysis of performance trends and actual data post going live. Amendments in SLA are done to reach out the most appropriate parameters and calculation method for measuring process performance month on month going forward.
< FTE capacity analysis and prepared a proposal for transaction based billing.
< Managed SU for the Silokhera site.
< BPS (Best Practice Sharing) encouraged @team to drive improvements, (10 implemented).
< 6 Customer Awards and 12 Internal awards for the Team, AR TEAM won the Best Team Bronze award Q4 2010.

Genpact LLC, Asst Manager Operations with Momentive Performance Materials
From July '08 till May '10

As AM Operations, managed a critical process with a span of 18 FTE. It's a Collections Process, with A/ R size greater than 80 MM. It involved meeting customer expectations on a daily basis and ensured that PS and CPS are met month on month. Was also a part of HR Shared Services and handled Hiring for PSCS GGN job responsibility involves hiring the right profile against the open Indents, within TAT for the entire SDO.

Notable Credits:

< Q1 '09 closed at an all time historic low of 3.5% Past Due.
< Net promoter Score 9/ 10.
< Defined and had a Contest Structure in place to boost team's performance, with additional budget approvals from the client.
< Made the Team to work on strategy with focus on rollover/ $ at risk analysis also worked on handling the out of scope accounts.
< Transaction tracking on daily basis and have seen 25% increase in overall transactions.
< Analysis on PD trend Vs Rollovers and taking out the PD projections.
< More rigor on complete portfolio audits/ Live Audits.
< As a part of initiatives conducted various people engagement activities for the SDO 200+ people (2 per Month) and well appreciated by the business.
< Conducted Family Connect, which was one of the best ever happened in ICTP so far.
< Assisted HR in redeployment, conducted Hawk sessions, people engagement/ Integration, publishing articles and splashes on Genpact home page etc.
< Driven Parichay sourced and evaluated 100+ profiles, when there was dire need of people.
< There has been a commendable improvement in the 0 to 6 months Attrition (2008 13 attritions Vs 3 attrition in 2009).
< Good Feedback from the Training Team as First Pass Yield has gone up by 7% (90% in 2008 Vs 97% in 2009).

Genpact LLC, Asst Manager Operations with GE Capital Modular Space (MODSPACE)
From Oct 2007 till July 2008

As a Resident Expert/ Management Trainee from Oct'05 to Sept '07, was responsible for team queries on dialer, reporting, SOP updating, training sessions etc. As AM Operations: Managed MODSPACE with a span of 20 FTEs. It's a Collections/ Dispute Resolution process on modular rentals. Was also responsible for, Innovation and digitization projects across the SDU.