Resume - Liaison, Large Account, Defence Labs,

(Keywords : Marketing for BSNL, Government, Liaison, Telecom, Defense, Industry, Regional ManagementB2B,)
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Position Sought :
Liaison, Large Account, Defence Labs,
Age :
62 years     Experience : 31.0
Qualification :
MBARajasthan University, Jaipur 
FIE, Chartered Engineer 
Preferred Location :
All India, Nashik, Jaipur, Kenya, Nigeria
Job Category :
Sales/Marketing/Advertising/Business Dev.


SYNOPSIS: An Electronics Degree in 1971, MBA in 1986, Sale and service of ATE/ Test equipments, critical components in Defense, Semiconductors for OEMs; VHF HF communication systems, MEMS, Microwave circuits, GPS for Police, BSF and other Para-military applications, VRLA Batteries, SMPS, Towers, Infrastructure, rolling stocks, Solar for Telecom Applications, Private operators, BSNL, OEMs and railway units.
Visited Germany, Italy, Switzerland, and France, Asian countries Taiwan, HK, Mainland China, Singapore and USA (2011, for 4 weeks) visit to Intersolar San Fransisco, other exhibitions, got training in plant/ on site.

SKILLS: Customer Relations, PR, Government Business, Foreign agencies/ promotion, Solar Energy, B2B

2008 Dec.2011, Worked on contract basis for a company, manufacturing Towers and doing TSP, EPC on Pan India basis. Customers include Indus, Idea, Vodafone, Viom, NRSC, Indian Navy, L & T Defense Project, BSNL, Government tenders, supplies and Payments

2002 - 2008, Worked on a marketing and sourcing consultant basis, for Micronova, for electronics components, equipments and Rolling stocks/ components serving foreign companies;
Serve: Telecom, Defense, and Indian Railways through OEMs like BHEL NELCO.

European Principals;
TRAFOMEC S. p. A. Italy
Leoni Cables
Arck Sensor

Visited Semicon Munich, HKCTC, Global Trade Fair, CEBIT, Europe, negotiated for equipments, components, materials in field of electrical, Telecom, SMPS, contactors, isolators, cables, semiconductors

HBL NIFE Power System Ltd. Hyderabad India
Serve: Power, Railway, Engineering industry at the Design and Engineering stage, analyzing projects, update information, especially for some of critical applications, making tenders, negotiation, executing as per schedules, collection of payments
Job Responsibility (on all India level) at a turnover of US$ 17M required regular coordination efforts with HQ at Hyderabad and Branches at all major cities

Skill sets; establish a selling network, executing cross-functional projects involving servicing & installation at telecom sites, RDSO, QA/ TEC, Defense (approval and inspection authorities), advising opportunities for business

Mekaster Telecom, Secunderabad
Worked as a Sales and Servicing Manager for foreign products for GPS,2 GHz Radio modems and Telecom equipments
Foreign companies: Cylink, ROE, STM, Corning, APEM, Trimble, Magellan, Eagle, Nera Telecom, Motorola
Customers; DOT, railways, and Government agencies, Police, engineering industries, Defense Labs, software companies
Skill sets; launch of new products for existing customers for STP, engineering industries, market intelligence, business strategy
Sulakshna Circuits, Hyderabad
Worked as a Sales Manager for all India Market of professional grade PCBs
Serve; Telecom PSUs, C-DOT Licensees, VHF/ UHF Systems Engineering, Instrumentation
Skill sets; approval of government, new markets developments, participation in product development for export and new applications

RCL, RIICO, Jaipur
I worked as a Sr. Manager (Sales) for VHF, UHF equipments with US collaboration.
Responsible in the production, testing functions using latest equipments
Customers; Government agencies like BSF, Home Affairs, State Police, Railways, Industry
Skill sets; approvals of government, industry, new production techniques, engineering development, development of new market

Inde Associates, Bangalore
Worked as a Sr. Executive (Sales & Servicing) of foreign products
For Test equipments in the field of RF, VHF, UHF and also ATE for Semi-conductors, ICs
Foreign companies included COOPPER group, Teradyne, Bird, NEC, Hipotronics, Weller, and Robinson.
Serve: PSUs (Government Units), ISRO (Space), Power and Cable Industry
Skill sets; launch of new products, development of new market, new applications, establishing infrastructure for sales Pan India.

BEL, Bangalore/ Ghaziabad
Worked as a Deputy Engineer for QA & Product Assurance division
Job: Testing, Inspection of components as per Mil, DEF, and DIN Standards, Environmental testing and type testing using latest ATE
Skill sets; SQC and testing of defense grade components, uses of special dedicated equipments, working in a highly cross-functional environment.

TRAINING: at USA, SINGAPORE, TAIWAN, China, Switzerland, France, Italy, for Instrumentation and Communication equipments, At ISRO IIT Mumbai, India Space Technology cell for recent advances in SAR Interferometery in Mar 1998
HOBBIES: Palmistry, astrology, reading, travelling, meeting friends, driving, photography.  
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