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  Candidate Details
Position Sought :
Age :
30 years     Experience : 10.4
Qualification :
Computers Junior Engineering 
Preferred Location :
NCR, Chandigarh, Punjab, Delhi
Job Category :
EDP/MIS/Computer Operator



Educational Qualifications:
-IELTS from British Counsel Chandigarh scoring 7 bands in speaking and listening.
-Certified Netware Administrator (CNA) from Onward Novell Software (India) Ltd.
-Junior Engineering Diploma in Computers from S. J. P. POLYTECHNIC DAMLA District Yamunanagar under State Board of Technical Education Haryana in 1992-1995 batch.
-12th from H. B. S. E. in 1992.
-10th from H. B. S. E. in 1990.

Technical Training:

-Banking Management System
1. BANKMAN (Dos Platform)
2. MODBANKER (Dos Platform)
3. UCONSOLO (Windows Platform)
4. WINBANK (Windows NT Platform)
5. PLUTUS (UNIX Platform)

These products are having all s/ w modules of a Bank like Savings, Current, Cash Credit, Over Draft, General Ledger, Term Deposit, Loans, Remittances and Clearing.
-Training on LAN organized by NITE at Onward-s office at Delhi.
-Training on DMP printers by TVSE especially on HD6595, HD5650.

Work Experience:

-Since 1996 to 1997
Onward Technologies Limited Chandigarh
Position: Associate Customer Support Engineer
Job responsibilities:
Provided support to computerize the banks and converting all the manual data into soft and starting the branch with computers.
We are required to teach the technical aspect of computerized banking to bankers and conducting trainings on different software modules and giving them deep knowledge of operation on soft data.
Install and maintain all software modules at the branches of different banks at different out locations.
Ensure smooth monthly, half yearly, yearly closing of banks by timely conducting trainings of Bank staff.

-From 1998 to 1999
Onward Technologies Limited Jalandhar
Position: Customer Support Engineer
Same duties I was assigned to perform at Jalandhar and to overcome the dissatisfaction of customers in that Area.

-From 1999 to 2003
Onward eServices Limited Chandigarh
Position: Senior Customer Support Engineer

1. I was accompanied with some staff to help me in the forthcoming projects of implementing Banking software.
2. I was assigned to manage their activities and keep a vigil on the customer service to tide over the problems of Chandigarh region.
3. I was put on my test of leader ship by the organization by appointing me on this position.
4. I was required to manage the work force and manpower so that customer will get the service on time.

-From 2003 till date
Position: Asst. Manager (Customer Relations) Banking and Networks
Job responsibilities

1. I am required to manage the area office Chandigarh along with a team of 11 engineers working under my leadership.
2. Ensure smooth functioning of all the branch offices Jalandhar, Phagwara, Ludhiana, Simla, Dharamshala, and Karnal of OeSL under Chandigarh office.
3. Sending the performance report of Chandigarh region on regular basis.
4. My responsibilities include call management, manpower planning, and inspection of local and out location territories, spare and inventory management.
5. Regular Meeting with Key persons like DGMs and AGMs of different banks e. g. BOB, UCO, OBC, CLAB for updating developments in our support activities.
6. Extracting outstanding payments.
7. Expansion of Annual Maintenance Contract and renewal of the existing.
8. Organizing and conducting trainings of bankers and giving presentations time to time in Regional and Zonal Training Centers.
9. Representing Onward Chandigarh in Annual Conferences of OeSL.
10. Making MIS report of Chandigarh region.

About Company
It is a group of Companies

-Onward Novell Software (INDIA) Ltd.
-Onward Incorporation
-Onward Technologies Limited
-Onward eServices Limited

These all the companies form a group and having hand in providing and developing different IT solutions and having branches all over India and abroad.
Process Software and Solution Division (PSSD)
Mechanical Software and Solution Division (MSSD)
Software Development and Solution Division (SDSD)
Banking Software and Solution Division (BSSD)

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