Resume - RF Engineear/1.7 Year Expe. In Telecom Field

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  Candidate Details
Position Sought :
RF Engineear/1.7 Year Expe. In Telecom Field
Age :
22 years     Experience : 1.7
Qualification :
Diploma in Electronics & Communication 
Preferred Location :
All India, Varanasi, Lucknow, Delhi & Chandigarh
Job Category :



A position as an RF Engineer within a successful company to further advance my knowledge while contributing to the overall development effort.

Company : Reliance Communication Ltd.
Project : Phase 4,
Period July07-Jan08
Location : North-East (Azamgarh & Mau)
Job Profile : RF Audit (Vswr Check & 78 sites maintainans),
Company: Reliance communication Ltd.
Project :, WIN & Win 4A
Period : Feb08-till now
Location : North-East (Azamgarh & Mau)
JOB Profile : Transmission (LOS) & Site survey of problematic Location,
Company: Alcatel-Lucent Management Service
Period : Oct 08-till now


Site Survey and Nominal Planning. & Transmission

Preparing Action Plan, Defining drive test routes, Scanning frequency spectrum for
Possible sources, Re-driving questionable data.
Subjects to Investigate:
Non-working sites/ sectors or TRXs, In-active Radio network features like frequency hopping, Disabled GPRS, Overshooting sites-coverage overlaps, Coverage holes, C/ Analysis, High Interference Spot, Drop Call, Capacity Problem, Other Interference Sources, Missing Neighbors, One way neighbors, Ping-Pong Handovers, Not happening handovers, Accessibility and Retain ability of the Network, Equipment Performance, Faulty Installations, VSWR checking, Return loss, DTF(Distance to fault) in fidder.
After the Test
Post processing of data, Plotting RX Level and Quality Information for overall picture of the driven area, Initial Discussions on drive test with Local engineers, reporting urgent problems for immediate action, Analyzing Network features performance after new implementations, Transferring comments on parameter implementations after new changes.
Defining missing neighbor relations, Proposing new sites or sector additions with before & After coverage plots, Proposing antenna azimuth changes, Proposing antenna tilt changes, Proposing antenna type changes, BTS Equipments change, Re-tuning of interfered frequencies, BSIC changes, Adjusting Handover margins (Power Budget, Level, Quality), Changing power parameters, Attenuation Adds/ Removals

Equipment used
Map Info 7.5
Path loss (Plw30)
Topo Study
GPS (Garmin 12)

Other Skills

Site integration, Fault tracking and rectification, Installation and commissioning of transport equipments.
1. Cisco Router (Mod. -3800,1832,1700),
2. Lease Line through BSNL
3. LAN & WAN Designing
4. IP Base Connection in Data, Voice & Video Conferencing
5. OME
6. TN-1C
9. Maipu Router


Undergone 15 Days CDMA basic knowledge training in Reliance Communication Ltd. Lucknow.
Undergone 15 Days training for working on Lucent BTS in Lucknow.
Undergone 15 Days BSS Engg. Training in Dheerubhai Ambani Knowledge City Navy Mumbai.
Undergone 15 Days training for working on Huwaie BTS in Varanasi.


Completed Diploma in Electronic and Communication with 76% from Government Polytechnic Lucknow in year 2007.
Completed Intermediate from Government Queens Intermediate collage Varanasi in year 2003.
Completed High School From Government Queens Intermediate collage Varanasi in year 2001.
Basic operating knowledge in MS-OFFICE (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, ), proficient in using the Internet.


A person who believe in himself. My assets are analytical approach to any situation, keen observation, and the most important being team spirit. This help me in being not only a value adding team member but a good team leader also. I spire to a good employee and climb the organization pyramid of a prestigious organization like yours.

Declaration: -
I hereby declare that all the above given information is true to best of my knowledge and belief.

RF Engineer