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Position Sought :
Age :
30 years     Experience : 6.5
Qualification :
Preferred Location :
Lucknow, Varanasi
Job Category :


To make effective and optimum use of my experience and professional capabilities to enhance the overall development of the organization and self.

Career Profile:
I am Engineering graduate with Bachelor of Engineering Degree in Electronics (with Microcomputer to System Design and Data Communication as elective) from Mumbai University and having six and Half years of experience in telecom and computer fields with hands on exposure to installing BTS, Commissioning through BTS Manager software, Installing and maintaining LAN Networks.

Working with :
Electronics Company under contractor as a Incharge since March 2005 to till date.
It is offering a complete range of telecom services, covering mobile and fixed line telephony including broadband, national and international long distance services, data services and a wide range of value added services and applications. Its network consists of the latest switching, transmission and access technologies. The core of the network consists of fiber deployed throughout the country.
Job description:
1. Responsible for Installation, Commissioning, Operations & Maintenance of BTS.
2. Resolve the service impacting network problems on proactive and reactive basis.
3. To make and check cross connections, synchronization status of all the Network Elements through Preside NMS.
4. Identify alarm correlation and appropriate response actions, performance bottlenecks for reference to engineering for correction.

May 2001 to March 2005 as a System/ Network Engineer for P-Mech-Ele Company

Responsibilities include:
1. Customized and software Maintenance: Customized and implemented Financial Accounting Software & Material System Software to suit users and management requirements. Day to day S/ W maintenance of payroll were also being taken care of by self.
Client: Airports Authority of India Varanasi Airport, Varanasi

2. E-mail Administration: Window NT 4.0 was being used for E-mail and proxy setting. Day to day E-mail administration work was being done by myself at both user and server end.

3. Software and Hardware Requirement: Was responsible for assessing the Software & Hardware requirements of the unit and procuring the same Responsibilities included deciding the support requirements as well i. e. AMC

4. Training to users: Was responsible for imparting computer training to users to facilitate efficient use of computers.

July 1999 to April 2001 as a engineer for Nutek(I) Pvt. Ltd. Mumbai

Responsibilities include: Configuring, Integrating and maintaining equipments of Lucent, Motorola and Nokia and have a healthy Knowledge about BTS- Lucent/ Motorola (GSM-900/ 1800, CDMA).

Educational Details:
1. Passed B. E. (Electronics) from Mumbai University with Second Class in year Jan 1999.
2. Passed Intermediate exams with First Class from U. P. Board Allahabad in year 1991.
3.3. Passed High School exams with First Class from U. P. Board Allahabad in year 1989.

1.1. Knowledge of Operation Support Systems like Clarity and Preside.
2.2. Ability to make the decisions and solve the problems while working under pressure.
3.3. Ability to resolve and troubleshoot failed equipments facility issues and other components of networks.
4. Understanding of TCP/ IP, Windows 2000 and UNIX environment.
5. Inspection and survey of site required for installing BTS.
6. Design of power distribution.
7. Hardware and software commissioning, which is required to test equipment, that are installed and are ready to function.
8. Testing different test parameters like VSWR, Radiating power and frequency.

Network Technology:
1. Installing, upgrading and maintaining windows 2000.
2. Connecting windows based clients to network.
3. Connecting network connectivity between different O/ S & Installing application Software.
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