Resume - Industrial/Methods/Production/Process Engg

(Keywords : MTM Expert, Lean Mfg, FMEA, KANBAN, VSM, FMEA,PFMEA,Line balancing and new line designing,)
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  Candidate Details
Position Sought :
Industrial/Methods/Production/Process Engg
Age :
24 years     Experience : 4.5
Qualification :
Diploma In Electrical Engg. 
Preferred Location :
Gujarat, Ahmedabad, Nashik, Outside India
Job Category :
Mechanical Engineering
Expected Salary :
3-4 lacs pa.


Job Description:
Working as a Methods Engineer in BOMBARDIER Transportation Limited, Baroda.
Responsible for the complete set up of the production line as per lean concept.
Responsible for the traction installation and Wiring Harness Assembly.
Layout designing for assembly line as well as for the material storage on production line.
To carry out the production for first four train sets as a part of transfer of technology.
To define process flows and to prepare process mapping for assembly lines and to make work instruction and skill matrix for the same.
To carry out the time study as per the defined process flow and to define the man power according to time study and to train the workers to achieve that targets.
Responsible for tools, hand tools, jigs and fixtures and all Documentations related to production.
To co ordinate with the suppliers for tools, Jigs and Fixtures and consumable items.
To maintain all documents Engg. Drawings, Bill of Materials and Work Instructions as per the latest Engineering revision by co coordinating with Engineering Dept as well as with the German Colleagues.
Jigs and Fixture improvement and new fixture development and implementation for process improvement.
Responsible for implementation of Engineering changes at Customer side (Delhi).
To conduct daily change management meeting to discuss about the changes and to prepare action plan to implement the same and to implement the same in SAP also.
To create Bill of Material, Standard Network, Work centre and Routing in SAP for new projects and maintain the same.
Leader in Takt time management to implement the BOS ( Bombardier Operation system)
To define the material movement and material replenishment from store to Production line (KANBAN, two bin system) and to implement the same.
To be involved in IRIS certification process.
5S and KAIZEN Implementation on Production line and monitor the same.
Worked as an Asst. Executive in Engg. Dept. from January 2006 to July 2008 in SCHNEIDER Elect India, Baroda.
To carry out MTM analysis for product assembly as per the process flow.
Monitoring the operator and line efficiency by using SIM software.
Identifying the Non Value Added activities in assembly process and planning for reduce the same.
Jigs and Fixture improvement and new fixture implementation for process improvement.
To make routing for SAP.
Generate monthly line and operator efficiency report and to do gap analysis for not meeting the target efficiency.
To reduce lead time of the products by VSM projects.