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Position Sought :
Oracle development ,d2k,plsql,project management
Age :
30 years     Experience : 3.2
Qualification :
bscLucknow University, Lucknow 
mibmUniversity of Lucknow, Lucknow 
Preferred Location :
Kanpur, Lucknow
Job Category :
Software - Client Server


Technical Skills:

RDBMS: Oracle 9i/ 10g.
Front End: Developer 2000, Forms (9i,10g. )
Reporting Tools: Reports (9i,10g. ), Crystal Report 10.
Languages: SQL & PL/ SQL.
Packages: MS Office-2000, VSS(Visual Source Safe), MS Project 2000
Tools: Toad 8.5.3, PL/ SQL Developer
Operating Systems: Windows2000, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 98, MS DOS, Red Hat Linux

ERP Exposure: Yes
Additional Responsibilities: Routine DBA related tasks, Team management (taking technical interviews, new incumbent induction, mentoring) and team management related roles from module initiation upto module closure.
Work experience/ Projects
Total Technical Work Experience (IT) - 3 years 1 month
Current Client: LIC Housing Finance Limited
Project 1
LIC Housing Finance (data Migration) (from May 2008 to November 2008).
The project involves data migration of a COBOL database to Oracle 10 g which in turn will be used as legacy data for the companys in house BFSI product Kastle Universal lending system and ERP Orion for the system to be made operational along with the new web portal being developed by the company for the client.
Technology: Oracle10g, PLSQL coding for migration support and, Forms and Reports (D2k) as and when required.
Team Size: 4+ other teams
Role: Software Engineer also collaboration with the other two teams and direct communication with the client, business facilitation.
Project 2 :KASTLE (Universal Lending System)
The KASTLE Universal Lending system is a back office retail banking software solution to satisfy the multiple needs of modern-day retail and corporate lending institutions. The KASTLE Universal Lending system consists of three independent Web-based application components integrated to form a seamless Retail Banking Solution: KASTLE Universal Lending Origination, KASTLE Universal Lending Management, and KASTLE Universal Lending Collection. All these three modules were to be integrated and developed/ customized to meet the requirements of LIC.
Technology: Oracle10g, PLSQL coding, Crystal reports for MIS
Team Size: 16+ other product teams
Total Involvement period: (from 2 nd of November 2007 to april 2008).
Past Client: Directorate General of Shipping.
Project 1:
Technology: Oracle10g App Server, PLSQL coding for java support and, Forms and Reports (D2k)
Team Size: 25
Total Involvement period: 2 yr 1 months
Role: Software Engineer
DG Shipping is the central government body working under Ministry of Shipping, Surface and Road Transport of India. It is the Regulatory Authority for all maritime related activities in Indian ports. Ships and Seafarers are two major entities of the project. There are 36 modules that were to be developed for the client and its 16 allied offices across India.
E-Samudra is an e-governance project which is broadly divided into two categories intranet and internet. Intranet applications involve all back office and intra office processing and is been developed using Oracle Forms and reports. Further, Internet application involves developing a J2EE web application, which provides strong and friendly user interface for user applications.
Involved in Design, Development, Testing and Implementation of 7 independent modules in Forms D2k (both forms and reports) This includes the PLSQL support/ coding done for the web application in Java and MIS reports developed for the same. Also entrusted were DBA roles as per requirement (though of a limited type and duration). The work profile also included system deployment/ implementation at various locations in India.
Language: SQL, Pl/ SQL
Tools Used: Oracle Developer 2000, Toad v 8.5.1, ERWIN, VSS, WINSCP,
Operating System: Red Hat Linux.
Duration: May 2006 to October 2007
Past Project
Migration and Customization of In-House Software product, PAYROLL: Payroll is one of the in-house software products of 3i-Infotech Ltd. For Administration/ HR related activities the project involved Customization of the Product for the Directorate a according to their requirements and business processes for all offices.
Language: SQL, Pl/ SQL
Tools Used: Oracle Developer 2000, Toad v 8.5.1, VSS, WINSCP,
Operating System: Microsoft Windows 2000 for development, Red Hat Linux for deployment
Duration: March 2006 to April 2006
Past Project 3
Migration and Customization of In-House Language: SQL, Pl/ SQL
Tools Used: Oracle Developer 2000, Toad v 8.5.1, VSS, WINSCP,
Operating System: Microsoft Windows 2000 for development, Red Hat Linux for deployment
Roles and Responsibility (Team of 6):
The project involved customization, testing and bug fixing of the ERP to suite the operational and MIS related needs of the Directorate and its allied offices. The migration of the product was from Oracle 6i in Windows to oracle 10 G and Red Hat Linux.
Duration: October 2005 to February 2006
Marital Status: Married