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Position Sought :
Sap Programmer
Age :
55 years     Experience : 20.0
Qualification :
B.Com(Hons)Umesh Chandra College, Kolkata 
MBA(IIMC+IGNOU)Indian Institute of Management-Kolkata, Kolkata 
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Kolkata, West Bengal, India.
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1. Name: B. K. Roy.
2. Address: Kolkata, India.
3. Age: 54 years+. Marital status: Unmarried.
4. Citizenship: Indian.
4a. Languages: English RWS, Bengali RWS, and Hindi S.
5. Education:
1976: Higher Secondary (Science) - W. B. Board of Secondary Education - II Division.
1976 - 1979: B. Com (Honors) - Kolkata University - II Class
1990 - 1994: Specialization Diploma in Management (Finance) IGNOU I Class.
2000: MBA (18,000 word) project on insurance industry through Indian Institute of Management, Joka, Kolkata.
2010: MBA (Finance) IGNOU I Class

Enrolled with
Harvard Business School, (Financial Times (FT) rank 1)
World Bank: Also interviewed by World Bank.
University of Auckland.
Kaspersky: Study tour on Quality in Japan, selected by Govt. of Japan.
Bloomberg Talent Community.

Enlisted with
Melinda & Bill Gates Foundation.
Standford Graduate School of Business (FT rank 2),
University of Pennsylvania, Wharton School (FT rank 3),
University of St Gallen,
London Business School.
University of Canberra,
University of Vienna,
University of Sydney,
St Johns University,
University of Gloucestershire.
Copenhagen Business School, Denmark.

International Monetary Fund,
Asian Development Bank.
Graded by US bank Triple-A.

Rolls Royce Motor Cars Ltd.
Mercedes Benz Ltd.

Entertained to join doctoral program in business management through Universities:
2010-2013: Lancaster University, (6 star University), Europe, holding rank 1 in Europe,
2013: Harvard Business School, USA, holding rank 1 worldwide.

Many Universities in USA & Europe entertained me.

Association: Member of Total Quality Club, headed by IIMC, Director.

Speech: Delivered on Total Quality Management in a meeting chaired by ex-Director, Indian Institute of Management, Joka, Kolkata.
Attended speeches: Speaker:
1. Directors, IIMC, Joka, Kolkata.
2. Professor, Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata on latest developments in chip technology.
3. PhD, University of Rochester, Rochester, NY, USA, held at TATA building.
Nobel winners Masatoshi Koshiba, Steven Chu, Robert Fogel, Carleton Gajdusek, Arthur Kornberg, Vincent du Vigneaud, Henrick Dam & George Whipple enlightened Rochester.
4. Microsoft-Embee held at Park Hotel in 2011.
5. Oracle, USA, held at NICCO office.
Quiz contest attended: On William Edwards Deming.
1981: Basic on Boroughs 6700 mainframe computer Regional Computer Center, Jadavpur University, Kolkata.
1983: System Analysis & Design Computer Maintenance Corporation Ltd (CMC Ltd), Kolkata.
1986: COBOL on Burroughs 6700 mainframe computer at Regional Computer Center (RCC), Jadavpur through Institute of Electronics & Telecommunication Engineers, Kolkata.
1986: Fundamentals of Microprocessor - Institute of Electronics & Telecommunication Engineers, Kolkata : Subjects taught by rated professors of Kolkata University, including visiting professor on computer science to Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, West Bengal, India one of the best engineering college & research institute in the world. Classes held at Raja Bajar Science College, Kolkata.
1991: UNIX System 5 & C Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, Kolkata.
1995: Oracle version 6 on UNIX platform Digital, Kolkata.
Skill set:
UNIX S5, Red Hat Linux 9, SCO XENIX S5, Novell 4.11, Windows XP Home, Windows 8.1 Single Language.
RDBMS: Oracle 6;
Virus Killer: Kaspersky Internet Security 2014.
Interest: TL9000, Design Thinking.
I am in the merit list of Govt. of India & Govt. of Japan.
Invitation by Govt. of India:
Govt. of India selected me through Dewang Mehta Award contest for Innovation in Information Technology,2003-2005 & was invited to Oberoi Hotels & Resorts, New Delhi.

Invitation by Govt. of Japan:
In 2006, Govt. of Japan, invited to Japan to undergo a study tour on Quality following Buddhism, It is a 15-day corporate study tour on Quality starting from Osaka, Japan. Top grade, pure & devoted candidates are chosen by Govt. of Japan for this international study tour; this offer is still open to me. Maximum 3 managers, along with me, of my employer, can attend this 15-day world famous study tour in Japan @ INR 120,000 per head, Rs.80,000 towards training & only INR 40,000 for up & down flight charge per head. A student has the freedom to stay beyond 15 days, so long permitted, but this INR 40,000 flight charge discount is taken off.
Consulates of Canada, France, Holland and Mauritius have appreciated me.  
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