Resume - Software Engineer

(Keywords : C, C++, Java, J2EE, VB.net2008, HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP)
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  Candidate Details
Position Sought :
Software Engineer
Age :
27 years     Experience : 2.2
Qualification :
B.TechPunjab Technical University, Jalandhar 
Preferred Location :
Chandigarh, Delhi & NCR
Job Category :
Software - Systems Programming
Expected Salary :
35000 per month



Deeply accomplished and result driven professional, motivated by internal standards of excellence to over achieve expectations and exceeds all set goals. To achieve professional satisfaction and personal development by working in an environment that encourages learning and growth and to work in an environment this fosters growth in intellect and creativity.

Technical Skills
Operating systems: MS Windows 98/ XP/ 2000.
Programming Language: C, C++, Core Java, Swings, JDBC, J2EE, Servlets, JSP, EJB, 2008, 2008, Python, HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
DBMS: MS Access, Oracle9i.

Working as Software Engineer in HAL- Edgewood Technologies Pvt. Ltd, Bangalore (1st August 2008 to present date. )
Main Duties:
Using C, C++,, and Java Language, I have to develop modules for my clients.
Meeting with clients and get their requirements. Based on the requirements given by them carry out analysis of the requirements and prepare requirements document and design document.
Leading my team and assigning duties to my team members and working with them in a team.
Worked as Software Programmer in Cupid Software (p) Ltd, Ambala Cantt (1st July 2004 - 30th June 2005).
Main Duties:
Developing modules for our clients using C, C++ and Java programming language.
Testing of the modules and program as a whole to test software functionality.
Writing detailed reports and preparing documentation for our clients.

Projects Undertaken
Project title : CSTEST
Environment : 2008
Team Size : 2 members
Details : CSTEST is a software testing tool for carrying out
software testing. This tool performs operations similar to LDRA TBrun. A software project to be tested is put into CSTEST with all the c files in it. A C parser is also created to parse the C project given to the tool. CSTEST would generate the report in the end based on the test cases created for testing. I created the SRD and SDD for this project and leading this project from front.

Project title : Embedded Software
Environment : C language
Team Size : 2 members
Details : Developed a protocol by which we can read and
write the configuration parameters of the system at system level. Embedded software is a hardware and OS independent protocol. It is also based on physical media independent architecture. Embedded software would help to read and write on the hardware in a simplified manner increasing the productivity for carrying out the work efficiently. It has helped both developers and testers to carry out effective testing in
much less time.

Project title : Online Examination System
Environment : Java as Front-end and MS Access as Back- end
Team Size : 2 members
Details : Using Java swings and JDBC connection, an Online
Examination System was developed. This objective type examination is used to conduct online exam and result would be generated as soon as the examination is completed.

Project title : On line Banking
Environment : J2EE as Front-end and Oracle as Back- end
Team Size : 3 members
Details : Online Banking was developed for our client
allowing their customers to perform various banking operations using computers.
Client side or Front-end was developed using HTML, JavaScript, JSP and Java Beans.
Client- Server technology was used to implement the project.

Project title : Website Development
Environment : HTML, CSS and Javascript.
Team Size : 1 member
Details : Developed website for one of my clients using
HTML, CSS and JavaScript. In CSS, CSS classes and CSS IDs were used and in
JavaScript all the event programming was carried out.


Masters in Information Technology (MIT) from University of Southern Queensland (USQ), Sydney (2005 2007) with 5.92 GPA out of 7.00 (84%).
B. Tech (Computer Science and Engineering) from SSIET, Derabassi (Punjab), Punjab Technical University (2000-2004) with 73.6% marks.
12th from Army School, Meerut Cantt (under C. B. S. E) in (1999-2000) with 77% marks.
10th from Army School, Meerut Cantt (under C. B. S. E) in (1997-1998) with 66.6% marks.
Academic Accolades:
Received scholarships in 3 semesters during MIT from USQ Sydney.
Attained highest marks in school in Mathematics (96%) in 12th Class.
Secured 3rd position in B. Tech.
Personal Dossier
Date of Birth : 28th July 1982
Sex : Male
Nationality : Indian

I hereby declare that the above information is correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.