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List of Job Consultants / IT Companies in India

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There are over 3000 companies which have registered themselves on our web-site. We have organised the list of members into lists based on their city of location and whether they are manpower consultants, IT companies, etc.

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Directory of Indian Recruiters/ Manpower Placement Consultants
West India : Mumbai (A-L)   Mumbai (M-Z)   Navi Mumbai   Pune   Ahmedabad   Vadodara  
South India : Bangalore   Chennai   Hyderabad   Cochin   Coimbatore
North India : Delhi   NOIDA   Gurgaon   Chandigarh  
Central/East India : Indore   Jaipur   Lucknow / Kanpur   Kolkata       Miscellaneous Indian cities

Directory of Indian Software Companies
West India : Mumbai (A-L)   Mumbai (M-Z)   Pune   Ahmedabad  
South India : Bangalore (A-D)   Bangalore (E-H)   Chennai   Hyderabad   Cochin   Coimbatore  
North India : Delhi (A-L)   Delhi (M-Z)   NOIDA   Gurgaon   Chandigarh / Punjab  
Central/East India : Indore   Kolkata   Nagpur       Miscellaneous Indian cities
Web Design and Web Development Companies

Other Industries
Pharmaceutical Companies & Job Consultants   Call Center/BPO Companies & Job Consultants   Miscellaneous Companies

Software Companies in Major Indian Citites (non-members)
Pune   Hyderabad   Mumbai   Delhi   Noida   Chennai   Kolkata   Gurgaon  

Members from Other Countries
USA/Canada   Middle East  

Apart from the above Lists, you may also like to view the List of IT Companies and Recruiters
who are registered on this site, but are no longer contactable by E-Mail.

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