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33 years     Experience : 10.1
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B.TECH.Shobhit Institute of Engineering and Technology, Saharanpur 
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All India
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Other Engineering
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Project Details

Company Precision Electronics Limited Noida (From Jan 2006 to Present)

Project 1: HFDF Antenna (High Frequency Direction Finder Antenna)
Team Size:-7
Job Responsibility: - Antenna design, testing and validation
Client: - Indian Defense
Project Description: -
This HFDF Antenna works in the range of 1.5 to 30 MHz range; this antenna is best suitable for the direction finding of the transmission.

Project 2: EPLRS (Enhanced Position Location Reporting System Radio)
Team Size:-3
Job Responsibility: - Radio Testing, Integration, Validation and Field Trail at customer premises
Onsite Opportunity: - Worked with the Raytheon Network Centric System in USA
Client: - Indian Defense/ BEL Ghaziabad
Project Description: - EPLRS is communication system which can connect the different system by the wireless networking using the RIP Protocol. This use the Raytheon proprietary waveform, by which the data rate of the transmission, can be changed.
Communication depends upon the needlines and needline is Specification of the requirement to whom you want to talk and on how much data rate. This supports 2 Mbps Data Transfer rate for the PPP Link. In this system we can connect lots of the IP Network - Like VOIP, Router and switch etc. Data rate of the IP Network is viewed by the wire shark application.

Project 3: ISM Band Radio
Team Size:-5
Job Responsibility: - Radio Integration, planning, testing and TSEC Approval from the BSNL
Client: - BSNL Chennai
Project Description: - This is 2.4 Ghz and 5 GHZ Radio wireless Networks. Radio Modem can deliver multiple services like E1 over IP, video streaming, EOW and VOIP.
For doing this we generally do the configuration with the Router Board. That board can also be used at access point to provide the WI-FI connectivity of Internet in the companies.
User has the option to select the data rate (1Mbps,2Mbps,6Mbps,9Mbps,12Mbps,24Mbps,36Mbps,48Mbps,54Mbps and 108Mbps) for the ease of communication. RF power of radio is also having the option for the ATPC(Auto Power Control). This radio having the option of selecting the channel width of 5MHZ,10MHZ,20MHZ and 40MHZ.

Project 4: Motorized Antenna System (MAS)
Team Size:-4
Job Responsibility: - Hardware Design, System Integration, Testing and Validation
Client: - Ultra TCS Canada
Project Description: - MAS is a Motorized rotator system which is used for the army communication when they are 20 or 30 Km far away for their base, depending upon the power o/ p of the radio.
This system is very good when you know only bearing and you are not getting the link, in that case you can do the motorized movement of antenna by the step angle of 0.1/ 1/ 10 degree and can make the link.

Project 5: 34Mbps Digital Microwave Radio (PST-34M)
Team Size:-10
Job Responsibility: - Radio testing, Integration and Validation
Client: - Indian Defense
Project Description: - PST-34M is a high capacity Radio Relay system designed to provide wireless backhaul capability in tactical and strategic military networks. The ORFU and antenna are mounted on an intelligent SW-controlled Automatic Antenna Alignment (AAA) assembly which adjusts the antenna's azimuth and elevation dynamically without manual intervention. The IDU and OBU can be separated up to a distance of 1km over Fiber Optic cables to meet tactical requirements for greater dispersal between baseband and RF unit.

Project 6: Digital Control Harness (DCH)
Team Size:-8
Job Responsibility: - System Integration
Client: - Indian Defense Artillery
Project Description:-DCH is Military grade System which enables the on board crew of Armored Fighting Vehicle to control the functionalities of the Radio sets from a remote Position.
Its feature-rich control system can be easily configured, operated, and monitored by its intuitive control panel. The system can interface up to four radios, a wireless V/ UHF trunk radio, and connection for headsets with/ without ANR, a field telephone optionally provides connection for devices like laptops, BMS, GPS & PDA. Push buttons on the Control panel enables quick establishment of connectivity among any of these interfaces.

Project 7: 2 MB PCM MULTIPLEXER (PFM-3440M)
Team Size:-6
Job Responsibility: - System Integration
Client: - Indian Defense
Project Description:- PFM-3440M is a ruggedized E1 Multiplexer with built-in Digital Cross Connect, Integrated Network Management and highly flexible Network and user Interface. This MUX having the feature of 4xE1 network interface; User configurable for protection or full capacity of 4E1, Dual PSU and Controller in hot standby protection (optional) User programmable signaling bits provides easy interfacing with various types of Exchanges, Provides 12 Universal slots for Interface cards, Voice Interface units, Data Interface Units, Network Management & BITE.  
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