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Position Sought :
Bts Engineer
Age :
23 years     Experience : 2.0
Qualification :
Computer Science Engineeringiete, delhi 
Preferred Location :
All India
Job Category :
Expected Salary :
2-3 lacs pa


2 years exp in telecom field ranging BTS platform

Experience in installation & Commissioning on ZTE Equipments.

Good working knowledge on ZTE BTS (SDR 8200,8206,8800,8906,8860).

SITE Integration, Acceptance Test, Swap Motorola to ZTE BTS.

Alarm Rectification on Call from OMCR.

VSWR Measurement & power Measurement using Bird, Anritsu, Protek.

Commissioning Of ZTE SDR BTS Using ZTE GULMT (4.00.210EP01).

Responsible for determining the quality of vendors work.

Alarm Connections and Verifying Alarms.

on NOKIA equipment:--

Installation and Commissioning of Nokia Flexi EDGE BTS & Ultra Site BTS equipment.
Installation, Commissioning, and Alignment of Microwave antenna.
Operation and Maintenance of transmission equipments like RRI card, FIU, ODU etc
VSWR measurement of RF cables through site master. (Bird)
Operation and Maintenance of Nokia BTS, FIU and Radio (Low & High End)
Expansion of BTS from 2,2,2 configuration 4,4,4 configuration.
Configuring the Cross connection
Operation and maintenance for diversity, Trx faults & Radio Related faults etc, using Bird meter, return Loss and Rectification of high VSWR.
Installation of GSM antennas as per the require tilt & orientation, To provide technical support during the project of installation.
Installation of KATHERINE & ANDREW GSM Antenna.
Installation of NOKIA 0.3m,0.6m,1.2m & 1.8m MW antenna worked with 7,15,18 & 23 GHZ ODUs.
MW Commissioning with RRI, FIU, FIFA, IDU.
Alignment of NOKIA 0.3m,0.6m,1.2m MW antenna
Installation of NOKIA Ultra Site EDGE BTS (Outdoor & Indoor).
Worked with PWSB, BB2F, BOIA, E1/ T1, RRI, ETRX, WCGA, DVGA, ML2A cards in Ultra Site BTS.
E1 bypass using RRI, FIU, and E1/ T1 card.
Alarm Connections and Verifying Alarms.
Cabinet expansion.

Preparing BTS documentation like site investigation report, Installation document and finally Acceptance test report.

Quality & A. T check for new sites.

LTCD Box Installation at the BTS Site. (Where Recommended).

Last 2 month Worked as an O & M in Adra BSC (South Bengal).