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(Keywords : Autocad,unigraphics)
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Position Sought :
Design engineer
Age :
27 years     Experience : 4.8
Qualification :
Preferred Location :
Bangalore, Mangalore
Job Category :
Mechanical Engineering
Expected Salary :
2.5 pa


42/ 43 Hosur Road Electronic city Bangalore-100
From September 2005 to Till date
Tools Used AutoCAD, MS VISIO & WRENCH PLM, Unigraphics, Solid Edge

Inspection of Mechanical & electrical related drawing & documents as per company standards and requirement.
Modification of drawings as per production requirement
Creation/ uploading of documents (like GA, PD, BOM etc) to WRENCH PLM software.
Updating the data in PLM using latest Applicability list for prototype configurations, worked for data synchronization, which included consulting different design and release management groups and resolving discrepancies in different documents.

1) AKASH Air Force Launcher system (hereafter referred to as AAFL), comprising
The electromechanical servo drive system and associated subsystems, is designed to
Carry, support, orient and launch, in single as well salvo mode, three AKASH missiles
From an inclined stationary launch position. The launcher system is mounted on top of
a dedicated container.

Role:-Designing & Inspection of Mechanical related Drawings & Releasing the related document for manufacturing using
Software used: AutoCAD & Microsoft Visio, Solid Edge
Team size: 4 members

2)Guidance Control Electronics for Samho Missile
Client: Armament Research & Development Organization (ARDE), Pune.
Position: Team member
Guidance control electronics consists of three main units Gimbal Control Unit, Flight Control Unit & the Actuator Control Unit. The project involves designing, modeling and assembling of parts of box assembly in which the PCBs of control units are placed

Role:- Preparing the models, detail drawings & Inspection of Mechanical related Drawings

3)Mobile Telemetry
Client: Aeronautical Development Establishment, Bangalore
Position:Team member
MTS is a vehicle having the communication equipments to communicate with the fighter Jets. It consists of Communication modules including CPS Receiver, Filters etc
Role: Preparing of Mechanical related Drawings as per requirement, Verification of Cable Diagrams, Specifications of Communication Modules.

4) Pinaaka
Client: Armament Research & Development Organization (ARDE), Pune.
Position: Team member
Pinaaka is a multiple rocket launcher developed by by DRDO for Indian Army. The Pinaka is a complete MBRL system with six launcher vehicles as a battery with each launcher having 12 rockets. The system has a maximum range of 39-40 km, fire a salvo of 12 HE Rockets in under 40 seconds. The system is mounted on a Tatra truck for mobility.
Role: Preparing the models, detail drawings as requested by the customers.
Software used : autocad, Orcad, Unigraphics

Manufacturing of OBD CHECKING GAUGE for Automobile gear box
(Ms. Rane (madras) Pvt. Ltd, Mysore)

Tool Room Trainee at M/ s. RANE (Madras) Pvt. Ltd. Mysore, August 2003- August 2004
RANE (Madras) Pvt. Ltd. is one of the main automobile parts manufacturing company
An ISO 9001 & QS 9000 certified company.