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(Keywords : Business Development, Gathering Requirement, Analytical, Communication, Testing)
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Position Sought :
Business Development
Age :
30 years     Experience : 1.0
Qualification :
B.Tech (Electronics)Vishwakarma Institute of Technology, Pune 
Preferred Location :
All India, Thane
Job Category :
Software Testing


Worked in Family Business of Textiles (Dec-12 to Feb-15)
- Meeting clients and gathering their requirement
- Managing key factors for timely and efficient performance in weaving (Beam length, Warp Breakage, Knotting time, Damage etc. )
- Managing Yarn, Warping, Weaving, Mending, Dispatch, QA & Electrical Dept.
- Develop new business opportunities and ways of working to maximize profits
Videocon Industries (Aug-11 to Dec-12)

Project: Localization of Mobile Phone Manufacturing

Description: Based on the localization of Mobile Phone Manufacturing from China
- Develop product from conception to execution
- Gather requirements from the internal team (China) and researching the market (India), like Plastic moulding, Electrical, Paint shop, Packaging etc. to find the best possible ways of producing the product
- Work with vendors for sourcing of components
- Set up a Mobile manufacturing line in 3 months
- Assembled 500 mobiles with 100 QA certification

Online Repository System (In-house Project)

Description: Based on the development of the website on local server for accessing the service files required for TV software purposes by service engineers.
The website made to help the Service engineers by required file download for respective Television set.
Designed on technology and C# used as a code behind file, MS SQL as the database.

- Gather the requirements of internal clients (Service engineers)
- Prepare a strategy for developing and designing the web-app as per the requirement within the time frame
- Create test cases, execute, modify and implement.